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Kino Conquers the Conversational Disconnect of Virtual Chat


New York, NY, December 16, 2021— Kino by Kinetx Co introduces the next-gen video chat platform, which solves the conversational chaos of linear, first-generation video chat platforms.

“What I’ve missed the most about working remotely through the pandemic is the energy I get from connecting from people around me,” says Kinetx Founder and Chief Architect Raviv Nadav. “With Kino, we’ve found a way to capture the energy of being together again and it really has been a boost to our creativity and productivity.”

The thing that people dread about working remotely is working alone – with Kino, you don’t have to work alone when working remotely.

Kino replicates the fluid environment of natural human communication, allowing participants to communicate and shape their virtual experience as they see fit. While others like Zoom meetings offer a “telephone conference with video” model, Kino is a video space where distance is perceived by manipulating the audio and video of participants that are in the background.

Kino: Like Being There

As social creatures, we’re used to many conversations happening around us–not a rigid exchange where only one person is permitted to speak. Kino makes video chats more like being there in person with:

  • A “focus” feature that allows you to “mingle” between different spaces, engaging in spontaneous one-on-one chats or small group huddles. Just like in a crowded room, you can move around between conversations, join a group to say “hello,” and move on to join other individuals or spaces. Others are still there, just in the background until you invite them over or join them.
  • An announcement feature for grabbing everyone’s attention to make an announcement throughout all spaces—like using a megaphone.
  • Full volume control so that you can adjust any individual volume.
  • A “spaces” panel showing all Kino spaces on one screen with the live videos of people in different spaces, allowing you to hop from one space to another as you choose.
  • “Private spaces,” allowing you to have a side and private conversation without leaving the group. Others outside your space will see only your paused video.
  • A “privacy mode” that you can use to blur out your own video feed while showing that you’re still present within the Kino.
  • Chat bubbles that appear on other peoples’ video tiles. The chat bubble previews for a few seconds. Click on the chat bubble icon will open the chat panel to reply.
  • Multi-live streaming options, allowing streaming on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • A countdown timer shown to everyone in the Kino.

Kino’s novel functionality keeps video chats personal. Kino connects people.

To learn more about how you can experience the next-gen of videoconference, explore the Kino video space platform.

About Kino: Kino by Kinetx Co is a next-gen video chat platform designed for conversations, a fluid environment where participants can communicate and shape their virtual experience as they see fit. Kino’s free and affordable platform levels include a focus feature that gives every Kino participant in a larger group call the ability to “step aside” from the group to have a chat with another call participant or more while remaining on the call—and then return back to the larger group. By allowing users to interact more naturally in a group video conversation, Kino makes the virtual feel personal. Connect organically. Collaborate remotely. Or just have a good time.

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