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9 Sensational Benefits of Using Pergola Kits in Your Yard

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Did you know about 80% of homeowners choose to remain in their current home? Of that 80%, about half are thinking about remodeling. Aesthetics, comfort, and adding value to the home are the primary reasons given for remodeling.

One way of adding beauty, comfort, and functionality to your outdoor space is with a pergola. A pergola acts as a beautiful and practical extension to your living space, connecting the indoors to the outdoors.

Pergola kits are an easy way to turn your backyard space into your dream space! Another added benefit? They’re much more affordable than a full home remodel.

Are you wondering if adding a pergola is right for you? Read on for 9 sensational benefits of adding a pergola to your yard.


You had a great backyard with lots of privacy and then someone built a house right next door. Suddenly, that great backyard feels a little like sitting in a fishbowl!

A pergola is a good solution if you’re having issues with privacy between neighbors. Install a tall pergola near a fence and hang a privacy drop shade or curtains from the back support. No more neighbors peering into your yard!

It also helps with privacy from above. The latticework makes it difficult for people to see down into your space.

A pergola is also great if you’ve got unsightly views from your yard. Don’t like the look of the side of your neighbor’s house? Use a pergola to block it.


Adding a pergola creates a well-defined space. If your yard is big, the pergola sets the space apart as a lounge or entertainment space.

The pergola defines space in the same way a deck or patio does. Pergolas also work well with other structures. A patio makes a great lead-in to the pergola, or let the pergola be free-standing wherever you like in the yard.


Pergolas add value to your property since they create additional comfortable living space. They also add “curb” appeal to the backyard which is another value-add.

Is your yard in need of some shade? A pergola is a perfect solution. They’re better than a patio overhang or roof because you decide the placement.

Vary the spacing of the rafters as well as the size and orientation to get the perfect amount of shade and sun for your yard. Before installing, take some time to watch your yard throughout the day to see where the sun falls.


Vinyl-covered aluminum pergolas are strong and long-lasting. They’re also low maintenance. They withstand high wind and won’t sag or rot.

Do you have trouble with wood-boring pests? A vinyl-covered aluminum pergola withstands carpenter bees and other pests.


Are you looking for an entertainment space where the kids can run around and the adults can chill? Look no further than underneath the pergola!

You can even put a TV under a pergola. Just make sure it’s shielded from the sun and rain. Now you’ve got a place to watch your favorite sports teams.

Add outdoor furniture and breezy curtains. Scatter a few small end tables and you’re set.


Are you planning an outdoor kitchen? You’ll want it underneath a pergola. The pergola provides protection and shade.

An outdoor table and chairs work great for dinner parties. Keeping it under the pergola too means you don’t have to worry about roasting in the sun while enjoying dinner.


Do you have a green thumb and love decorating with plants? You’ll love all the things you can do with a pergola.

There are so many great vines that’ll grow and twist their way up the pergola. Wisteria is a wonderful vine with a spectacular bloom.

Lavender trumpet vine, bougainvillea, and sweet pea are all great vines for growing on your pergola. The cross beams on the pergola are also a good spot for hanging baskets of plants and flowers, as well as other types of decor.

Wind chimes, birdhouses, and hanging lanterns are all great additions to your pergola which leads us to our next point…


A pergola is an attractive addition to your yard. Drape fairy string lights around the posts for a romantic nighttime look and watch as the neighbors turn green with envy.

There are so many options for dressing up the pergola and for what you put under the pergola. Even if you choose not to decorate it, it’s still a beautiful addition.


One of the best things about a pergola is getting it in an easy-to-install pergola kit. No need to hire a carpenter or handyman. You can do this yourself with a little help from a friend or family member.

Design the type of pergola you want and order a kit. Installation instructions come with the kit. You can also watch videos for step-by-step instructions.


If you’re looking for privacy, fine outdoor living, or a great entertainment area, a pergola kit is a perfect addition. Pergolas last for years while adding a comfortable defined space.

Design the pergola that works best for your yard and situation. There are several styles, sizes, and other options from which to choose. Once you’ve gone through the options, it’s time to buy.

When it’s time to install your new pergola, all you need is one other person and you’re good to go.

Ready for a pergola of your own? Contact us here!

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