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Miracle Midwest Undergoes Rebranding

Miracle Midwest, a commercial play equipment company, is under new ownership and is now known as Miracle Playsystems Michigan.


East Lansing, MI, June 15, 2021- After over ten years in the play equipment industry, one of the biggest names is undergoing a rebrand.

Miracle Midwest, formerly known as Engan, Tooley and Doyle, is once again changing its name under new ownership. The company now goes by the name of Miracle Playsystems Michigan.

The company is under the leadership of Kit Steven.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the transition of Miracle Midwest to Miracle Playsystems Michigan,” said Kit Steven, President of Miracle Playsystems.

The new owners will retain the existing sales and support staff while adding new brands and added resources to further support the needs of the market and its customers.

Miracle Playsystems Michigan provides a variety of play equipment for customers, including playground sets and other various miracle recreation equipment.

Miracle Playsystems Michigan also distributes and installs their products so you can focus on simply enjoying your play equipment!

“When the opportunity came to take over Miracle Midwest we jumped at the opportunity. Miracle Midwest has done a remarkable job supporting their clients in the state of Michigan and we felt that we could bring added resources and new products to further support the needs of the state of Michigan,” said Stevens.

The transition takes the best of both companies and creates one very large, effective brand. While the existing staff from Miracle Midwest remain a part of the team, Stevens plans to bring on new products and brands to help the company grow.

Aside from providing quality equipment at a reasonable price, Miracle Playsystems Michigan also prides themselves on their level of customer support.

“Our customer service team responds to clients in a speedy, efficient manner leaving clients satisfied every time,” said a representative of Miracle Play Systems Michigan.

The team gets to enjoy the continuation of effective practices formerly used by Miracle Midwest while at the same time experiencing new effective practices meant to grow the brand.

For more information on the transition, you can visit the Miracle Playsystems Michigan website.

Here you can learn all about the company, as well as view the various products offered to ensure you find the equipment that is right for you. Visit today!

About Miracle Playsystems Michigan:

Miracle Playsystems Michigan is a full-service commercial play equipment design, distribution, and installation company based in Michigan. Formerly Engan, Tooley, Doyle and most recently, Miracle Midwest, Miracle Playsystems MI brings decades of playground knowledge and experience to its newest market in Michigan. With the oldest and most recognized brands in the industry, Miracle Playsystems MI will continue to offer the most exciting and cutting-edge brands to our customers while continuing to service their day-to-day needs with the same sales and support team of the previous company.

Contact Information:

Kit Steven
Miracle Playsystems Michigan, 2843 East Grand River Ave, #214 East Lansing, Michigan 48823

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