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The Latest Vinyl Siding Trim and Vinyl Siding Color Options for Your Charleston Holiday Home

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Charleston, South Carolina is a gorgeous waterfront city that is known for its colorful architecture and old southern charm, along with can’t-be-beat grits and She Crab soup.

When it comes to designing your dream Charleston holiday home, you can take inspiration from the city itself. When you use vinyl siding and trim, the color options are endless. Plus, in Charleston, you have the liberty to choose something out of the box to match the coastal color palette and Lowcountry vibe.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the most popular vinyl siding trim and color options in Charleston, South Carolina.

Coastal Blue Siding With White Trim

Charleston is a bustling city that has a relaxed culture thanks to the ideal location on the South Carolina coast. You can see the Lowcountry inspiration all throughout the city, especially in the homes.

Coastal blue vinyl siding with crisp white house trim is the perfect combination for a seaside South Carolina home. It’s calm and inviting while still giving off an elegant look.

Seafoam Green Siding With Neutral Trim

Once again, the Atlantic Ocean is the inspiration for this popular siding choice. Seafoam green may not fit in in a concrete jungle like New York or Chicago, but in a slower-paced and family-oriented city like Charleston, it’s a perfect choice.

This green shade is earthy and fun at the same time. It matches perfectly with neutral color trim, like white, light grey, or beige.

Spanish Moss Green Siding With White Trim and a Stone Accent Wall

If light green isn’t your thing, consider a darker shade of green that still matches Charleston’s vibrant color scheme. Spanish Moss is a token of the south, and many people vacation in Charleston just to sit under the long hanging branches of an oak tree.

Your home can have the same grace and elegance of Spanish Moss when you choose this shade. It’s a tone darker than seafoam green, but it’s still bright and cheery. It also feels grounded and earthy, which you can play up by adding a natural stone accent wall to the front of your home.

Crisp White Siding With Black Trim

Even though you can take plenty of color liberties with Charleston homes, there’s still something classic and beautiful about pure white trim. Plus, white houses are a historically southern look.

Invoke southern flare with a touch of modern design by adding stark black trim to your white siding. Trust us, it will still stand out in Charleston. You can dress up your white home with plenty of southern flora in your landscaping, like a crawling ivy wall, a southern magnolia tree, colorful azaleas, and southern lady fern plants.

Bright Marigold Yellow With White Trim

Take inspiration from Charleston’s iconic rainbow row houses by choosing a bright yellow trim that matches the South Carolina sunshine. When you see a house in this color, you can’t help but feel cheerful and carefree.

A soft white trim will perfectly ground and balance out the bright yellow exterior.

Sky Blue Siding With Light Grey Trim

Things may move slower in Charleston, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an upbeat city. In fact, the coastal town radiates a relaxed joyfulness that only comes from living by the sea.

Your home can match the seaside culture when you go with a sky blue vinyl siding color. It’s a shade brighter than coastal blue, so you can balance it out with a neutral light grey trim.

Deep Indigo Siding With Muted Green Trim

If you’re looking for a darker shade that’s still colorful, consider indigo siding for your holiday home. It’s sophisticated without looking stuffy. You can also add to its richness by pairing it with a muted green trim. This combination is earthy and beautiful while still matching a coastal color scheme.

You can also go with white trim to stick with a more classic look. If you go this route, we recommend having some fun with your front door color. Southern homes usually boast bright front door colors like red, green, and orange to look more inviting.

Slate Grey Siding With a Black Roof and White Trim

If you want a completely classic and modern look, you can’t go wrong with slate grey. It looks sleek with bright white trim and a black roof. To dress is up to match Charleston’s colorful vibe, you can add a fun front door or shutter color. A live oak tree in the front yard will also give it a classic southern look.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding For Your Home’s Exterior

Vinyl siding gets rave reviews for adding to the curb appeal of your home at an affordable price. Homeowners love how beautiful and customizable siding is, especially if you want your home’s exterior to have a unique color.

Vinyl is also an incredibly durable material, which is important when you consider the unpredictable weather in South Carolina. It lasts for years while being virtually maintenance-free, making it a great value for your money.

Lastly, vinyl siding acts as a great insulator for your home. It keeps the heat in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer, which saves you money on your electricity bill.

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