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Keep Your Business Secure: The Best Shredder for Small Business

If you run a small business, you almost certainly have confidential documents which need to be eliminated. While there are a number of ways to eliminate these documents, perhaps the best option is to utilize a shredder. 

Interested in buying a shredder for your business? Need a little help finding one? You’re in the right place. 

We’re going to help you find the best shredder for small business.

What’s the Best Shredder for Small Business? 

There is no shortage of shredders on the market today, each of which offers something a little different in terms of capacity, shred precision, and construction quality. While all of these shredders could prove successful for your small business, some are deemed better for small businesses than are others. They are as follows. 

Bonsaii EverShred C169-B

The first shredder we’ll review is the Bonsaii EverShred C169-B. This shredder is available for a moderate price, yet offers a great deal in terms of functionality and construction quality. 

Capable of shredding up to 14 pieces of paper at once, it can run continuously for up to 30 minutes. A cross-cut shredder, it trims paper down to a P-3 security level, making it almost impossible to piece back together again. 

Featuring a jam-protection system as well as an auto-reverse feature, it rarely runs into mechanical issues. Plus, with an anti-overheating system in place, it runs smoothly throughout the duration of its use. 

Overall, this is a terrific paper shredder for small businesses. It’s durable, it’s functional, it’s affordable, and it gets the job done quickly. You couldn’t ask for too much more. 

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Next up is the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci, a long-running shredder with an above-average shredding capacity. While it offers greater functionality than the C169-B reviewed above, it’s also around twice its price. For this reason, it’s been ranked below it. 

This shredder can handle 18 pieces of paper at once and can operate continuously for up to 30 minutes. This makes it a great machine for offices which must shred ample amounts of paper on a regular basis. 

A jam-proof shredder with an automatic-off safety feature, it allows users to shred documents in a safe and efficient manner. Offering a P-4 shredding security level, it leaves shredded items almost impossible to piece back together. 

AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Crosscut Shredder 

The AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Crosscut Shredder is one of the best budget buys on the market, offering extraordinary power and speed at a mere pittance. Possessing top-notch construction quality, it’s built to thrive through years of use. 

Capable of shredding up to 24 pieces of paper at once, it can run continuously for up to 25 minutes. Note, however, that its cool-down time is around 60 minutes. This is quite a bit longer than the cool-down times of many other shredders.

This shredder provides a shredding security level of P-3. While the pieces it produces could conceivably be put back together, putting them back together correctly would take days. 

In short, this is a terrific shredder for small businesses of all kinds. No other shredder on the market provides this level of functionality at such a low price. 

Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder 

If you spend all of your workday shredding paper, you should think about buying the Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Crosscut Paper Shredder. Possessing a continuous runtime of 60 minutes, it can slice through 18 pieces of paper at once. 

Because it’s a crosscut shredder, it delivers great, but not outstanding shredding security. However, as long as you’re not dealing with world-changing documents, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about an individual piecing its work back together. 

Possessing auto-reverse and anti-jam features, it’s as efficient as shredders come. In short, if you’re looking for something fast, secure, and reliable, this shredder will have you covered. 

Bonsaii EverShred C149

Another high-quality shredder for small businesses is the Bonsaii EverShred C149. Capable of shredding 18 pieces of paper at once, it can run continuously for up to 60 minutes. 

Offering both anti-overheating and anti-overloading features, it does a great job of protecting itself from prolonged damage. With auto-reverse capabilities, it almost entirely does away with paper jams. 

As far as security goes, it slices paper down to a P-3 level. For most small businesses, this is more than sufficient. 

Aurora AU1210MA

If you’re looking to optimize security, you should consider going with the Aurora AU1210MA. This is a micro shredder, capable of slicing paper to a P-4 security level. Once it’s through with a piece of paper, there’s almost no chance of someone piecing its remnants back together. 

This shredder can handle 12 pieces of paper at once and can run continuously for up to 60 minutes. For its price, this is fairly substantial shredding efficiency. 

Offering both auto-reverse and anti-jam features, it corrects all of its own problems. Just plug it in, slide through some paper, and reap the benefits of its optimal technology. 

GBC Cross Cut Shredder Duo

The last shredder we’ll review is the GBC Cross Cut Shredder Duo. This affordable yet effective shredder can handle up to 11 pieces of paper at once and can run continuously for around 30 minutes. 

It trims paper to a P-3 security level, offering easily enough security for the purposes of most small businesses. With auto-rest and anti-jam features, it regulates its own performance to prevent breakdowns. 

If you’re looking for a solid no-nonsense shredder that will get the job done, this one’s it. To check it out more closely, view here.

Need More Help With Your Business

And with that, you’ve learned of the best shredder for small business. While the Bonsaii EverShred C169-B is arguably the best of the bunch, each of the shredders reviewed above has its merits and is worth a purchase. 

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