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15 Microsoft Office Templates to Download Now

More than a billion people use Microsoft Office. Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, MS Office is likely your productivity suite of choice. If you work with anyone for your blog, using MS Office programs can smooth collaboration.

If you really want to make the most of your tools, though, don’t spend time building every spreadsheet or blog post from scratch. Instead, take a look at templates. Templates can help you do everything from design a calendar to keep track of your finances the easy way.

These 15 MS Office templates will help you get started. Try one or try them all. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Choose a Great Template for Your Resume

One of the most common tasks people face is creating a great resume and cover letter. That’s probably why there’s no shortage of Microsoft Office templates for resumes you can download.

MS Word comes with a selection of free and paid resume and cover letter templates. You can visit the MS Online store to discover those created in partnership with graphic designers.

You can also find templates created by independent graphic designers.

No matter where you look for a resume template, we recommend picking a simplified resume template. These templates often have a splash of color, but they’re neat and well-organized. All you need to do is add your information.

2. Schedule Project Timelines in Excel

When you’re juggling several writing projects, it can be difficult to figure out just how to divide up the work. You may find you do best by writing a bit in each project every day. Other writers will excel when they can write in bursts of inspiration.

Knowing how much time you have to complete a project can help you manage your time more effectively. Spreadsheet software may be best suited for budgeting, but it’s also helpful for scheduling.

Use Excel to plot out project timelines. Don’t waste any of that time though. Instead, download a beautiful and easy-to-read scheduling template.

3. Pen the Next Great American Novel

Many people use MS Word to write almost anything. Some of those people will be writing books. That’s why there are plenty of Microsoft Word templates dedicated to books.

If you plan to self-publish, then using a Word template for your novel is a great idea. Some self-publishing platforms will take your Word document and transform it into a beautiful book for you.

If you’ve used a great template, then translating it into a book format is even easier. Choose a template that’s specifically set up for the type of book you’re writing. A template for writing a novel will offer you chapter openers and front matter.

Non-fiction templates may have other styles, such as glossaries and appendices.

4. Create Business Cards

Next time you meet with a client or bump into someone who might be interested in your writing services, wouldn’t it be great if you had a business card to give them?

You can’t really afford a graphic designer though. Or can you?

With a Microsoft Office template, the design work is already done for you. All you need to do is fill in your information.

You can also adjust color schemes and swap out images. Nobody will ever be able to tell you used a template.

5. Bring PowerPoints to Life with a Flip Book Animation

Maybe you’re preparing a class presentation on a novel you read. You may have been asked to lead a seminar on writing tips and email etiquette at work.

There’s just one problem. You need to put together a PowerPoint presentation. You know you need to wow your peers, but your PowerPoint skills are lacking.

It’s a template to the rescue again. We particularly likely the animated book template available for PowerPoint. As you change slides, your audience will see an animation that looks like you’re turning the page.

It ties in perfectly with your theme. As a bonus, the template does the heavy design lifting. You’re free to focus on the words.

6. Write a Business Letter or Email

There’s an art to writing a great business letter. Emails are often considered more informal, but you should still focus on proper communication and etiquette.

Luckily, there’s a great Microsoft Office template for setting up your business letters and emails alike. With it, you can focus less on formatting and more on the content of your memo.

7. Create a Newsletter with Ease

As a blogger, novelist, or another professional writer, you probably have a website. You may be advertising your books or blogging about your favorite subject. Maybe you give great writing tips alongside offering your services.

In either case, you likely have some loyal fans. You want to keep your audience in the loop, so why not send them a newsletter?

Even if you’re not blogging full-time or having fans follow you for updates on your next publication, you might be asked to put together the office newsletter.

Make the task easier with a beautiful newsletter template. Make sure you choose one that’s email friendly too. The right template will make it easier for your audience to hang on your every word.

8. MS Office Templates Help You Get Paid

If you’re a freelancer, then you know the importance of getting paid. You need to draw up bills and send them to your clients.

Make invoicing simpler with a clean and smart invoice template for Word or Excel. A clean, simple design makes the invoice easy for your customers to read. They’re more likely to pay you on time, and to pay their bill in full.

A template can also make it much easier to pull together your invoice. Look for functionality that allows you to use formulas for quick calculations. Auto-fill can help you complete forms in short order.

You’ll never procrastinate about putting together an invoice again.

9. Catalog Your Writing with This Template

One of our favorite Word templates helps you put together a catalog of all your products or projects.

This is a great template to have on hand if you’re a writer or a small publisher. You can advertise all your books together.

If you’re presenting career highlights to a client, this template can also be useful. You can catalog some of your “greatest hits” for them.

Catalogs can also be useful for freelancers who can create service menus with ease. Even an affiliate marketer may find a catalog template that helps them keep track of the products they’re promoting.

10. Project Proposals Are Easy with a Template

Speaking of projects, do you have a proposal to prepare for a client? If so, it’s time to download a project proposal template.

Project proposals have plenty of moving parts. It can be tricky to make sure you’ve included all the information a client is likely to want.

A template already has space for everything you need to include. It will also be laid out in a way that makes sense, helping the reader move through the proposal.

11. Eye-Catching Flyers Are a Click Away

Maybe you don’t need to impress a client with a winning proposal. Maybe you’re trying to attract new customers or encourage someone to buy something from you.

If you’re thinking about a direct mailing campaign or putting up posters around town, then you need to design a stand-out flyer.

There are tons of templates that can help you design better flyers. No matter what style fits with your brand, you’ll be able to find a template that represents you.

12. Manage Your Time with a Calendar

We already talked about managing your time on each project with an Excel template. There are many free Microsoft Office templates that can help you schedule multiple projects together.

You may have other tasks you need to look after on any given day. A free calendar template can help you stay on-track and organized. Better yet, it can help you manage your time in style.

13. Create a to-do List to Stay Organized

Many people are multi-taskers. A to-do list can help you organize your tasks, highlighting those that need to be done right now and those that can wait for later.

The right template can give you a better view of exactly what needs to get done when. And when you’ve finished your tasks, checking them off will give you even more satisfaction.

14. Templates to Develop an App the Easy Way

Here’s something you may not have known about MS Office. You can use it to develop your very own app.

Many small business owners don’t have the resources to put into making their own app. That’s why Microsoft introduced PowerApps.

Simply pick your template, and you’ll be building a custom app in no time.

15. Sticking to a Budget is Simpler

Finally, managing your money is crucial to your success as a freelance writer, blogger, or entrepreneur. An Excel template can help you visualize cash flow.

Budgeting has never been so simple or so beautiful.

Save Time with Templates

With so many different MS Office templates out there, you can absolutely find one that will fit whatever project you need help with. From staying organized to creating the next great American novel, templates can help you do it all.

It’s time to get to writing. Check out our collection of tips and tricks to take your words to the next level.

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