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Microshading in Southlake – What Is That??

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The eyebrow craze continues! And with it come many more types of permanent makeup options and styles for every gal out there. More recently, you may have been hearing about something called micro-shading. Permanent makeup Southlake and locations around the area have begun to catch on to this new style and we are all about it!


Microshading, also known as powder brow, is a new technique (or should i say old technique that has come back around in a new way) that creates the look of filled-in brows as opposed to traditional microblading that is in the form of strokes. It is the perfect sandwich between the old ways of tattooing and the new way of microblading. Using pigments and shading needles, the look is softer and fades within 1-3 years. It has been known to last longer than microblading before the need for a touch up.


Microshading can be done manually or with a permanent makeup machine. It tends to be a faster process with the machine and has longer lasting results. Regardless, it can be achieved equally either way. The needles used are grouped together in either two rows or in a round shape. The method used to implant the pigment is more of a poking than a pass through the skin. The brows are pretty dark directly after the procedure but fade more naturally as they heal. The end product is a nice, soft powdered brow look.

Who is it for?

Microshading is great for oily skin clients. Traditional microblading can sometimes not be an option for someone with very oily skin. With microshading, permanent makeup southlake can still be achieved and can have results that last up to two years. Normal and dry skin types work great with this method as well. It is a great look for someone who likes a more powdered brow than the look of strokes.

It is a great look for someone who likes a more powdered brow than the look of strokes.

Although this method is not as natural looking as microblading, it is still very soft and can look great as a stand alone or with a full face of makeup on.


Artists may use this method in combination with other methods. The “Combo Brow” is a popular way of doing both strokes and shading. Here is an example:

microblading southlake eyebrows

Another popular brow style using the shading technique is the “Ombre Brow.” This is where the front or top of the brow is the lightest and gradually gets denser towards the bottom or tail of the brow. Strokes are not used in the Ombre Brow. We offer all of these types of brow styles at our Texas DFW Microblading locations.

We offer microshading as a stand alone item or in combination with microblading. Everyone has a desired outcome for their brows and with our expansive knowledge and skill in this craft, we can truly make your brow dreams come true!

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