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How to Choose the Best Alarm Systems

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How to Choose the Best Alarm Systems

Your goal is to keep your home and everything inside of it safe and secure, whether you’re at home or not.

Alarm systems are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to achieve this.

The problem is, with so many different types to choose from, it can become costly and confusing quickly. In the end, you may end up having a system installed that doesn’t exactly meet your expectations.

How can you avoid this?

Our experts recommend reading the following to learn more about how to make sure you choose the best alarm system for your property.

Different Types of Home Security Systems Explained

With so many reported break-ins happening in our region, it’s important to note that would-be burglars are more likely to target homes with no security measures in place.

Homeowners can take proactive measures by installing one or more of the following types of home security systems:

Localized Alarms

Often installed during the initial construction process, a localized alarm is a basic that relies on a continuous electric current to travel between two sensors that have been installed in doors and doorways and on windows and window frames.

These unmonitored systems sound a built-in alarm when the current between two sensors is broken.

Wired Alarm Systems

A wired alarm system relies on several components like motion sensors, cameras, and your control panel to be wired into your home’s electrical system.

Direct wiring prevents burglars from being able to block your sensor’s signals, and it remains a popular option among homeowners today.

When this system trips, the alarm will sound and (if you’ve invested in a monitored system) immediately notify you or your home security monitoring company.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems share many of the same features as their hard-wired counterparts.

Except, of course, you won’t have any wires to deal with.

When the sensors detect motion, your alarm will sound, drawing plenty of attention to your home and discouraging would-be robbers from sticking around. A notification will be sent right away if you’ve invested in self or company-monitored services.

Monitored Home Alarm Systems

Monitored home alarm systems offer an added layer of security that lets you know that help is on the way when you need it.

Your monitoring services provider will receive a notification as soon as your alarm begins to sound. Once this happens, they’ll take the appropriate actions, such as alerting the authorities or checking in with you to ensure you’re aware that your back door has been left propped open.

Self-monitoring alarm systems are another option that allows homeowners to receive notifications of sensor detections directly to their mobile devices.

When it comes to which type of monitoring you prefer, only you can decide the level of security that gives you the most peace of mind.

With that said, we’d like to point out that there are many valuable features monitoring companies provide, such as:

  • In-depth reports of all sensor activities
  • Arming and disarming activity reports
  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Authority alerts for theft, break-ins, vandalism, and more
  • Alert medical authorities so medical services can be dispatched more rapidly
  • Alert firefighters in the event of fires or electrical emergencies
  • And more!

It’s vital to note that local-only systems cannot be monitored.

What Type of Alarm System Is Best?

Now that we’ve gone over the different types of alarm systems available, we can dive into which kind of alarm system is the best.

It goes without saying that your goals and budget will be the primary factors that will determine which system is best aligned with your expectations.

Here are some things to consider before investing in a security alarm:

  • Would you prefer to include visual surveillance equipment in your home security package?
  • Do you require monitoring services?
  • Would you like to include glass break detecting sensors?
  • Would you like a system that can give you updates on the environment and severe weather conditions?
  • Do you need a system that is easy to bring when you’re ready to move on?
  • What is your budget for home security solutions?

Asking yourself these critical questions before investing in a security system is the best way to get a feel for what’s suitable for you and your home.

From there, you’ll be able to discuss your goals with your installation services provider and be sure you’re getting the most value for your hard-earned dollar.

What Is the Average Cost of an Alarm System?

The average cost of a new or updated alarm system will also vary depending on your desired level of security.

One way to ensure you’re getting the most value is to consult with more than one local installation and monitoring company to receive multiple estimations for the same services.

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