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Large Gas Bill? Here Are Some Tips To Reduce It

For many of us, gas and electricity are the most significant bills we have alongside things like mortgage and food.

With electricity, it is easy to understand as most of the devices we use run on electric from the cooker to fridge to TV and even the lighting.  But a big gas bill can be more mysterious. So, what can you do about a big gas bill and why might you have had one?

Estimated Bills

Estimated bills are one of the top reasons that you can find yourself paying more than you should be.  If you haven’t given a meter reading to your utility company for a while, they will use an estimated figure, and this can be inaccurate.  Look at the bill and see if the figure on the meter matches the number they have used. If it doesn’t, take a meter reading and go back to your supplier on the number on the bill or find an alternative contact numbers directory.

Control your heating

For most homes, the primary or sole use of gas in the property is to power the boiler, and this means that controlling your heating can save you money.  One great way to do this is with a smart thermostat. These are different from smart meters that send readings from your meter straight to your provider.  Instead, these help you have more control over your heating and ensure you are only using it when you need to, saving you money. You could also look at installing electric heaters – make sure you get the advice of an electric heating expert to get the very best ones.

Changes in price

Another common reason that we get caught out with a big gas bill is that the supplier has changed their prices and we haven’t realised this would affect the bill. They usually will tell you if the rate they are charging is changing, but this depends on the details of your contract.  It may even be that your contract has ended, and they have moved you to a standard, variable contract with different prices. Look at the cost of energy on your bill, called a ‘unit rate’ which is in pence per kilowatt (kwh). Compare it to your last, and if it is more, then they have increased their prices.  You can also contact the company to find out about the current rate you are on, and this is an excellent time to check for better ones.

Shopping around

If the bill is correct and you have used this amount of gas, then you will need to pay it.  You might be able to spread the cost by increasing your monthly payments so contact your supplier to find out about this. When you have cleared the bill, it is also an excellent time to shop around and ensure you are still getting the best deal.  With the new usage figures, you have from your last bill you can get an accurate comparison from other suppliers and see if anyone offers a better deal. Switching is straightforward and can be done online or over the phone.

Getting a big gas bill can be a big shock, especially if you are on a lower income.  There are steps to take to ensure it is correct which may help and if it is, then there are things you can do going forward to avoid it happening again.

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