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How to Entertain a Cat: 5 Creative Ways for Keeping Kitty Happy

Cat lovers know what wonderful companions felines make, but that doesn’t come without its drawbacks. For starters, bored cats tend to scratch, causing damage to your furniture and carpet. 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing big-ticket items in your home, try these 5 creative ways of keeping your cat happy and entertained. These tips and tricks will keep your kitty happy and less likely to cause mischief in your house. 

Keep reading to discover how to entertain a cat and prevent destructive scratching.

How to Entertain a Cat

It’s impossible to play with your cat 24/7, which is why you need creative solutions to keep them entertained when you’re away from home. The first method may seem like an easy one, but it works.

1. Cardboard Boxes

Any cardboard box will do. Cats love to chew, scratch, and play with cardboard boxes, so be sure to leave a few out for your feline friends.

This cheap, easy solution will provide hours of entertainment and save your furniture from damage.

2. Paper 

Have paper you can spare? Leave some out for kitty to play with. They love the crinkling noise it makes.

This is also true for paper bags. You’ll give your cats something to play with that isn’t your furniture.

3. Furniture for Cats

You have your favorite couch or armchair, and your cat also needs the same. It’s a good idea to invest in multiple scratching posts or a cat condo to help keep your kitty entertained during the day. 

Many of these posts come with furry, feathery toys that squeak and make noise, providing your cat with hours of entertainment.

You may want to consider placing a cat condo in a room where your cat can see out the window. Some cats will spend hours tracking birds and watching the world outside.

Invest in several hummingbird feeders to give your cats hours of entertainment. 

4. Outdoors Time

This may not seem like something you’d think to do with a cat, but with your supervision (and a leash), your cat can enjoy fresh air and sun. Start by purchasing a harness and leash and teach your cat how to walk with it. 

Allow your cat to run around and play outdoors. It’s a great way for them to get exercise and to find stimulation outside of the house.

5. Hunting for Food

There are many cat toys that dispense food as your kitty plays with them. Instead of leaving a big bowl of food out all day, let your cat hunt for food around the house.

This will present an entertaining challenge for them, helping them stay busy and entertained. 

Entertainment for All Your Cat’s Needs

No matter what kind of entertainment you choose for your beloved companion, remember that a happy cat is less likely to be destructive and scratch. It’s cheaper to invest in some simple toys than to replace expensive furniture. 

Now that you know how to entertain a cat, go grab some paper bags and old cardboard boxes, and watch the fun begin!

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