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The Best Countries in Europe to Visit

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Did you know many people want to travel because of the pandemic? If you have always wanted to travel to Europe but aren’t sure where to go, we can help.

This guide will go over the best countries in Europe.

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What Is Your Budget?

Consider your travel goals and your budget. Would you like to go to a few countries?

If you want to tour a few European countries, consider making a list of your favorite countries.

Have You Considered Greece?

You could go to a laid-back country like Greece. Visit the smaller isles. You could go to Santorini, and enjoy the stunning scenery. Don’t leave off the popular island, Crete.

Do you love history? Consider checking out Athens. Enjoy the incredible ancient ruins like Acropolis and other world-class museums. Go to restaurants and shops.

What About Portugal?

Beaches, castles, and mountains are some of the top views in Portugal. Do you love water views? Go to the stunning Azores islands.

You can enjoy different mountainous isles for people who love to go surfing, sailing, or whale watching, head there.

Another popular island for European tourists is Madeira Island. Lisbon is a large city, and enjoy the location, River Tagus. You can check out historic castles and lovely town squares.

Don’t Leave Italy off Your List

Italy is one of the top destinations for travelers who head to Europe. Many people go to Italy because they want to enjoy the food and the stunning scenery. Don’t forget to try gelato and pizza.

People love visiting Italy because of its stunning architecture and cultural monuments. Visit the museums, and take photos of ancient squares and old buildings throughout Italy.

Enjoy historical attractions in Rome like the Pantheon and the Colosseum. Check out town squares like Piazza Spagna and St. Peter’s Square.

Most people enjoy visiting the countryside of Italy. You can take a spontaneous road trip.

Tuscany is another spot to visit because the towers and walls aren’t touched. Check out Florence, and don’t leave Venice off your travel list.

What About Spain?

Spain is another famous European country. Enjoy the mountain ranges, hilltop villages, and different seaside views.

Spain is the second most popular country. Go to Madrid. Visit the lovely Crystal Palace, and sprawling gardens, along with stunning plazas.

Seville is a romantic spot to visit. Enjoy the old cobblestone streets and the stunning Catedral de Sevilla. You can go to the Plaza de Espana.

Barcelona is a place not to leave off your travel destination. Enjoy this energetic city and view stunning architecture. If you want to enjoy a Spanish beach, check out Costa Brava.

Keep researching and check out the best Spain luxury travel ideas.

Have You Considered Austria?

Austria is beautiful because it’s surrounded by the Alps and stunning lakes. Enjoy wandering through the country’s cities.

You can enjoy the winding and twisting laneways. Consider checking out the Hallstatt village in the Austrian Alps.

Vienna is another spot to visit. Enjoy going to Belvedere Palace and stunning gardens. You can also check out the Natural History Museum.

Go to Linz, and view the River Danube. It’s an excellent spot to explore the river and the beautiful countryside.

Graz is another large city and is an architectural hub. There are stunning ruins and buildings that date back to AD 800. Don’t forget to visit the old town and climb the Schlossberg.

Add Croatia to Your List

Croatia will give you stunning scenery and also fantastic food to try out. Check out preserved Roman ruins and hilltop castles.

Croatia also has a lot of friendly locals, so you can enjoy being a tourist in this country.

Look at wandering the laneways in the old city walls in Dubrovnik. You could take a cable car up Mount Srd and get a lovely view of the town called the Pearl of the Adriatic.

Split is a beautiful city in Croatia and the second largest after Zagreb. Don’t leave these cities off your list. The Island of Hvar will let you enjoy a beach day and is called one of the sunnier spots in Europe.

Croatia is beautiful and popular because it’s close to the Adriatic Sea. Take a boat cruise around the island, and explore the stunning archipelago.

Don’t forget to visit Elaphiti Islands, which is northwest of Dubrovnik.

Go to France

You should add France to your list. France will allow you to enjoy delicious food, natural beauty, and romance. Each traveler will find something to enjoy in France.

Would you like to enjoy the sunshine and perhaps see a celebrity? Consider checking out the French Riviera.

If you love history, make sure you check out Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, an islet. Look at going skiing in the French Alps in Chamonix.

Of course, don’t leave Paris off your list. You can check out the Eiffel Tower, talk a walk along the Seine, and enjoy other landmarks.

Best Countries in Europe

We hope this guide on Europe was helpful. Consider adding a few different European countries to your travel list, so you don’t miss out.

Narrow down your list of the best countries in Europe.

Make sure you consider your travel goals and where you would like to go the most. Do you love history? What about food? Look at combining a few travel goals in your destination choices.

Are you looking for more tips? We have so many resources on the blog, from making the most of your trip to creating a budget.

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