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The Best Tips On How To Ask Someone To Marry You

Are you trying to figure out how to ask someone to marry you? If yes, you should click here and check out our best tips.

With the increasing popularity of Hallmark movies, it’s getting difficult to be creative when surprising your sweetheart. Not everyone has the means to whisk you off to a gorgeous family farm or impress you with cowboy dance moves at a holiday office party.

We’d all love to make our dates, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

But there is one date that must capture the fairy dust of our youth.

When you propose to your special person, it’s a day you’ll both remember forever. Yet the question of how to ask someone to marry you might fill you with dread.

There’s no need to worry. We’ve got the tips you need to pull off the perfect will-you-marry-me.

How To Ask Someone To Marry You

Asking your boyfriend or girlfriend for their hand in marriage is exciting, but stressful. Your emotions run wild with the thought of hearing yes or no.

So to curb down the possibility of a negative reaction, we’ve put together seven helpful tips to pop the big question.

1. Be in a Committed Relationship

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. It can heal old wounds and lift your emotions high. However, if you’ve only dated your girl for a month, you might want to hold off on marriage.

Marriage is a serious partnership and shouldn’t get taken lightly. It’s excellent but also requires work. If you and your significant other don’t know each other well saying “I Do” isn’t wise.

However, if you’ve weathered storms, seen each other at your worst, and spoken about your futures together, then getting married is on the table.

2. Discuss Marriage

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s essential to discuss marriage with your guy or girl. This way, when you get down on bended knee, it won’t be a total surprise. You’ll already know if he or she is ready to take that next step.

3. Get a Helper

Asking one of your friends to assist in the proposal planning might help you out, especially when it comes to ring shopping.

Some people are naturals at picking out jewelry, booking reservations, and finding the perfect spot for a special occasion.

You and your proposal helper might make a list of the best wedding websites reviewed for ideas on successful proposals. Every little bit of research helps.

4. Choose a Ring

The internet has opened up new doors for bargain shopping or custom made engagement rings. Unless you have a trusted jeweler, you might do well finding a shop on Etsy.

Be sure to set a budget, savings, and know your beloveds ring size before making the purchase.

5. Select a Location

Deciding where you want to propose might be the toughest step of all. It’s crucial to know your boo. If he or she enjoys being the center of attention, then doing it in public could work. But if you both crave intimacy, a romantic dinner at home is better.

6. Choose the Date

Pick your date and stick with it. Things like an emergency or the flu might occur, but you want to commit to a date.

7. Keep It a Surprise

Ask your planning partner to keep quiet. You don’t want anything to tip off the big day. Unless your girl wants a heads up so she can get a manicure for photos.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know how to ask someone to marry you, it’s time to make arrangements. No two marriage proposals are alike, so make it a moment fit for you both.

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