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Industry-Leading Resin Polish Tools You Can Use

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Once you have completed your resin project, you may decide on having a shinier finish. Polishing resin is the best way to return your resin to its original shining form if it was dull or scratchy. Some surfaces, specially engineered stones, can be pretty hard to polish. Fortunately, polishing resin is a straightforward process, as long as you have the correct resin polish tools. Below is a guide for the best industry-leading tools you can use to polish your resin.

Resin Polish Tools

Whether it is a small surface or an extensive area, you will still need professional-grade products to ensure outstanding results. Many products in the market promise quality finishing when polishing your resin. Most of these do not guarantee durability for your resin surfaces, and the shine is not as expected.

However, if you are looking for a top brand with years of experience in providing expert-recommended resin polish tools, then MB Stone Pro’s range of resin polishing tools is your best choice.

1. 4″ Gamma Resin Pads

It can be challenging to polish engineered stones since they tend to wear out polishing pads or burn while creating a high luster. Most of the engineered stones are made of 93% quarts and 7% polyresin. These Gamma Resin pads are designed with that in mind.

These pads are designed precisely for the wet honing of engineered stone surfaces. It comes in a flexible design perfect for complex shapes or edge work. Experts recommend these Gamma Resin Pads since they produce a magnificent shine with clarity and depth to match your resin’s original shine.

You can find these in different grits; 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, and BUFF. A quality resin pad will have a resin bond that works best for the task intended.

2. Munich Resin Diamond Trapezoid Pads

These pads are ideal for marble, travertine, limestone, concrete, and terrazzo. The pads work well together with the 20″ or 17″ Support Pro Pad for Munich resins to eliminate deep scratches and stains. Simply attach the pad to the Pro Pad for effective functioning. You can use it with your scrubber or floor polisher. It is a favorite among experts due to its mirror-like finish.

It has an easy-to-use system, and no polishing experience is needed. The product is eco-friendly since you use water only and no chemicals are required.

3. 3″ Jumper Green Resin Set

These Jumper Green Resins are designed raised segments for a more durable life, and the result is a better finish for polished concrete. You can use these pads, whether wet or dry, to polish your resin.

The resin includes 60, 120, 220, 400, 800, 1800, and 3500 grit. The set weighs 4lbs.

4. 4 Inch NSI Solutions Resin

It comes with a hook and loop attachment. It is ideal for polishing natural quartzite and granite. You also get the identical resin pad provided in the NSI top polish kit.

The tool needs less down pressure compared to alternative resin pads utilized for top polishing. Using this tool, you can create a polish with exceptional clarity at high or low speeds.

Experts recommend using plenty of water and not allowing it to run dry. It is available in 3000, 2000, or 1000 grit.

5. 5″ Adrialux Resin Granite Diamond

These are flexible granite diamond discs for dry use. The hook and loop-backed flexible diamond discs for dry use are available in 100mm diameter. You can find them in 3000, 1500, 800, 600, 400, 300, 200, 120, 80, 60 grits.

6. K3 Polish Sealant

The K3 polish sealer can be used for concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, and limestone. It is specially formulated for polishing and sealing large surfaces.

The result is a spectacular, long-lasting shine. It also enhanced the natural stone beauty and brightness.

Using the K3 Polish sealant guarantees you full protection of your surfaces for a long time. It is a solution of resins and natural waxes in solvent bases.

Experts recommend using this sealant together with crystallizers for terrazzo, marble, and calcareous stones, K2, K1, or K2F.

The sealant is known for producing a spectacular mirror shine and does not slip or mark the footsteps. It also provides your pavement with waterproofing features. Furthermore, it provides the necessary hardness for resistance to heavy foot traffic.

It is also designed to be used on any stone floor type.

Before use, shake the Rinse Aid Sealer sufficiently and use it pure. Add a small amount of the Marble Polisher on 10 to 15 sq feet as well as with the rotary machine provided with steel wool. Then evenly spread it with parallel and cross-linked passes until the desired brightness is dry and out. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Which Epoxy Resin Surfaces Can be Polished?

All hardened epoxy resin areas can be polished to perfection. The process is mostly manageable with straight surfaces, for example, tabletops. Using tiny, uneven castings may take a little longer than expected, for example, with self-made epoxy resin jewelry in a unique form.

However, depending on the surfaces’ size to be polished, you can either work entirely manually or use a polishing machine.

Other Resin Polishing Tools you can use

Besides polishing by hand, there is a probability you can polish your resin surfaces using a machine. Machines ideal for such activity includes a drill, a special polishing machine, and sanding machines, such as the orbital sander.

There are special attachments for all machines with which you can also polish.

You can choose to rent a polishing machine, especially if it is a large surface and you polish on rare occasions. However, you can work exceptionally well with wet sandpaper/ pads and polishing paste reviewed above for small surfaces.

Under no circumstances should you include angle grinders for polishing epoxy resin.


The above top-grade resin polish tools will guarantee you an easy time and effective polishing. They are intended to shine your surface while reinforcing your resin surfaces’ durability. Therefore, if you are looking for the best resin polishing tools, MB Stone Pro’s products are the recommended choice.

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