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What Makes a Good Roofing Company Stand Out?

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What Makes a Good Roofing Company Stand Out?

We at Whiting Company want to show you what you should be looking for when searching for a reputable roofing company. Our family-owned business has been operating for many years, and we’re committed to providing our customers with premium service at an honest price. As a certified GAF contractor with over 100 super service awards, we’re confident that none of our competitors come close to our reputation and capabilities.

So, if you want reputation, quality, fair pricing, and an excellent experience from your roofing company, then take Whiting Company as a perfect example of what businesses like ours should be offering you.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at our long list of premium roofing services catered to homeowners so you can get to know what a superior roofing company should look like. Continue reading below for a comprehensive breakdown of what Whiting Company provides.

A Wide Range of Roofing Services

Suppose your roof has been damaged due to a hailstorm or been neglected for many years. The best solution in situations where you’re experiencing immediate damage is to contact a roofing specialist to inspect your roof and move forward with repairing it.

As a roofing company, the bulk of what we offer is roofing services. In a situation where our client has suffered large amounts of damage to their roof, we send over one or a few of our roofing specialists to deal with the issue on the spot. To ensure we always get the job done promptly or shortly after a service call, all our roofers are trained in roof inspections, repair, and installation.

With our decades of collective experience, we can confidently work on green, tile, or shingle roofing systems. If you’re looking for a versatile roofing company, you should be searching for a company that arrives promptly and is prepared to work on any type of roof immediately.

Garage Door Installation

Just like a roof, garage doors are an essential component of building structures, so we’ve added this to our service list. The best thing about our garage door installation service is that it’s essentially a one-stop shop. We work with our clients on deciding what style and material they prefer before sourcing, delivering, and installing the door. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, look to a crew who can help you from start to finish.

Window Replacement

Window installation isn’t an easy task. If it’s done incorrectly or without the proper care, the homeowner can run into problems down the road. Aside from an increase in energy bills from the HVAC system working harder to compensate for lost heat or cooled air, incorrectly installed windows can create unnecessary noise or become loose and dislodged from the frame.

With many years of experience under our belt, we’ve earned the reputation of being one of the most reputable window replacement companies in the area. We take the installation process seriously, and all the material we source goes through rigorous quality checks. We’re pretty proud that we have the knowledge and expertise to work on almost all window types ranging from beautiful bay windows to skylights. If you can see through it, we can replace it.

Gutter Installation

A roof wouldn’t be a roof without an attached gutter, just like a roofing company wouldn’t be a roofing company without offering gutter installation service. The crew at Whiting Company is well-versed and highly skilled at installing new gutter systems. Since no two houses are made the same, we’ve had the opportunity to work on all aspects of gutter installation.

As a homeowner, hiring a specialist who’s a jack of all gutter trades is essential. A full-service provider is always the best service provider. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to become experts in all areas of gutter service and why you should always look to a company prepared to offer you every aspect of your required roofing service.

Gutter Guards

Did you know that one of the best ways to preserve your gutters, in addition to regular maintenance, is to install gutter guards? When we decided to include gutter installation and repairs to our list of services, we also needed to offer the option to install gutter guards. Installing gutter guards is integral to preserving your roof and gutters, and we believe all homes should have them.

Known also as gutter screens, gutter guards are installed directly above the gutter to prevent debris, leaves, and twigs from entering the actual trough. They’re designed with mini holes to allow water to drain and filter through the gutter without issue.

Rather than regularly maintaining your gutters, why not install a gutter guard to reduce the need for maintenance significantly? If this is something you’re looking for, contact experts who offer you this option.

Gutter Cleaning

Let’s face it, no one enjoys getting up on their roof or the side of their house to clean their gutters. But if this essential home duty is neglected, a drainage problem will inevitably occur, causing damage to the roof and siding of the house. Such damage is avoidable by hiring the handy help of gutter cleaning specialists.

Whiting Company offers to remove the debris and buildup of twigs and leaves and give our clients’ gutters a good clean to remove any built-up residue. Not only can we handle all of this, but we’ve also become so efficient that we’ll be in and out in no time.

Siding Installation

The value of your home is largely tied to its aesthetic appeal and how well it’s maintained. When the siding of your home is falling apart or has become damaged from extreme hailstorms, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

When you hire a team to take care of this hard-to-do task, you should be able to rest assured that it’ll be done with perfection in mind. At Whiting Company, not only have we become one of the most sought-after roofing companies, but we’re also highly revered siding installers. We understand the benefits that come with installing highly durable siding material, so we only ever source the best material. We ensure our clients’ homes are better insulated and protected from extreme weather conditions.

Bottom Line

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should be treated as such. So when it comes to certain repairs and maintenance, they should always be left to the experts to secure top-notch results.

If you’re in the market for any of the wide range of valuable services we offer at Whiting Company, feel free to contact our office at (301) 218-5400 to schedule an in-person consultation. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about roofing repair, gutter installation, and more.

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