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Murphy Bed Ideas to Save You Money

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When you think of a Murphy bed, what often comes to mind is a dated piece of furniture or Charlie Chaplin struggling to get his wall bed to cooperate. But long gone are the days when Murphy beds were seen as uncomfortable or difficult to operate.

Today, Murphy beds and wall beds are high-quality pieces. Excellent wood, craftsmanship, and color are included to make the pieces as attractive as possible. The best Murphy bed ideas are ones that you can’t immediately tell are Murphy beds.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Murphy beds have to offer, and how they can save you money, be sure to keep reading below!

What Is a Murphy Bed?

Today, the term “Murphy bed” is synonymous with any bed that folds up and out of sight. But they aren’t the same as a pull-out couch or even trundle bed.

Instead, a Murphy bed today uses either springs or pistons to help you raise and lower the bed. The bed frame and mattress are hidden from view, typical in some form of cabinetry or bookcase.

The benefit is that you can save a tremendous amount of space with a Murphy wall bed. It can fold up and out of sight, then be turned into a comfortable bed when needed.

Regardless if you want a Murphy bed for a guest room, home office, or even a studio apartment to help save space, there are options for you:

History of the Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed was born out of love by William Murphy in the late 1800s. He lived in a studio apartment in San Francisco and wanted to invite his new love interest over.

However, social customs at the time prevented a woman from entering a man’s bedroom. Murphy created a hideaway bed that turned his bedroom into a sitting room, thus allowing him to entertain friends of both genders.

In the beginning, Muphy beds and wall beds were not the same. But their designs have become increasingly more similar over the years.

How a Murphy Bed Can Save You Money

Today, Murphy beds continue to be used in homes around the country and world. Best of all there are Murphy bed plans to fit all sizes of mattress, room, and function:

You Can Combine a Room’s Functions

These space-saving contraptions are a great way to utilize empty wall space or double up on how a room can be used.

An example of this is in a home office. If you need a space to work from home, but also want a guest bedroom in case of visiting family or friends, you can maximize one room in your home instead of two. Your workspace will be less crowded and clutter, which can help boost brain functions.

The wall bed can be unfolded when guests come through, then packed way for those days and weeks when it’s not needed. You can even buy beds that drop down from the head or the side, depending on what you need.

Best of all, you can buy wall beds in any size, including a king Murphy bed.

You Can Maximize Storage

Many wall beds today come with additional options for shelving, cabinetry, and other hidden features.

You can check out plenty of examples online, but a few top choices include bookcases on either side of the bed cabinetry, cabinets to hide toys and other items, or even secret night tables.

Murphy bed plans are as complex and intricate as you want them to be!

Murphy Beds Can Serve Two Functions

Many Murphy beds can be customized to incorporate other pieces of furniture. This is referred to as a dual-function bed.

For example, a Murphy bed can also have a desk. When the bed is closed, a workspace is created. This saves you money because you don’t have to buy multiple pieces of furniture for your space.

In addition, there are wall beds that also have a sofa for additional seating. This can be a great option in a studio or smaller home without an extra guest bedroom. You provide your guests with a comfortable place to sit and a bed all at once!

Another option is a drop-down table. When the bed is folded up, the table can be used for projects, eating, food prep, or even work. This can be used in a Murphy bed office, studio, or wherever you may want some space-saving options.

When you don’t have to buy extra furniture, your budget will thank you!

You Can Buy Less

When you buy a wall bed, you don’t need to purchase a bed frame or box spring. When you buy a high-quality Murphy bed, it will come with the necessary hardware, reducing your overall costs.

It’s a good idea to buy a high-quality mattress with your Murphy bed, though. Not only is the fit important to ensure it closes properly, but it will give you or your guests the best night’s sleep possible.

Murphy Bed Ideas and Alternatives

If you don’t want to take the time to build and mount a Murphy bed from a kit, you can always purchase a Murphy bed cabinet.

Like a wall bed, a Murphy bed cabinet can be hidden away to look like another piece of furniture. The top can be used to display photographs and knick-knacks that are part of your home design and decor.

But once needed, a Murphy bed cabinet unfolds into a queen-size bed where and when needed.

Many others have posted about Murphy bed hacks using IKEA furniture and hardware kits. While it may save you money, it can also be a long and difficult process, as you can imagine.

Ready to Buy a Murphy Bed Today?

When you’re ready to buy a Murphy bed, take some time to look through your options, take measurements, and decide which finishes work in your home. The Murphy bed ideas that reflect your personal style and preferences will last for years to come!

If you’re interested in learning more about Murphy beds, home decor, and lifestyle, make sure you check out our blog today!

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