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How to Tell the Difference Between High and Low Quality Clothes

The fashion world is ever-changing. That’s what makes it so exciting — there are new trends and new patterns being introduced to the fashion arena every day, propelling the industry forward at a fantastic rate.

However, one thing remains constant in the industry. There are low quality clothes and there are high quality clothes. The gap between the two is often significant. The problem, however, is that it isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to know at first glance whether a piece of clothing is of good quality or not.

In this article, we’ll teach you the telltale signs that distinguish between good and bad clothing.

Natural Materials

Synthetic materials are far more susceptible to wear and degradation over time than natural materials. This includes piling, ripping, stitches going out, and more.

What’s more, natural fibers will also feel cooler and provide better ventilation as you wear them. This will ensure that your body temperature is regulated at a safe level for your optimal performance.

Metal Zippers

Nothing is quite as annoying as zipping up a jacket all the way only to have the zipper break halfway up the line. With plastic zippers, this is an everyday occurrence. The low strength of plastic makes it extremely easy for you to accidentally exert too much force and ruin the zipping mechanism.

The solution, therefore, is using metal zippers. The strength of metal allows it to remain far more durable in the long-term, no matter how poorly you treat your zippers.

Strong Stitching

Another way to tell the quality of a piece of clothing is to take a look at its stitching. If the stitching is strong and binds the folds in the fabric together well and holds them, then you’re likely handling a high quality piece of clothing.

If, on the other hand, the stitching in question looks weak and subpar for the folds and creases that it has to keep in line, then chances are that those stitches will rip before you know.

Better Fits

Good clothing designs know that fit is the most important thing when it comes to clothing. They’ll offer a range of sizes for every body type, rather than just giving clothing in a single size that needs to be further tailored to fit your body well.

Trendy Patterns

Quality clothes have trendy patterns that are at the top of the fashion industry. If it looks like something out of your grandmother’s closet, why would you wear it?

If you ever decide to make clothes on your own, then an essential step to learning the fundamentals is taking a pattern making course. You’ll learn about how to create whatever pattern you like, allowing you to implement the many changing trends that you see in the industry.

Quality Clothes Are the Way to Go

High quality clothes are definitely the way to go. Armed with this info, you now know what sets that standard of clothing apart from that which you want to avoid.

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