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How To Reduce Grey Hair

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Many people think that grey hair is a natural part of ageing or it happens simply because of genetics coming into play. It’s true that these factors play a role in greying your hair. Did you know that you can slow down or possibly even reverse the process with the latest quality products on the market? Yes, there are many things you can do to reduce grey hair and look younger over time. Here is how to reduce grey hair.

What Causes Grey Hair?


Your hair follicles comprise of pigment cells known as melanocytes. Melanocytes produce melanin which gives the colour to your hair. Melanocytes reduce the production of melanin when you age. Most people typically start going grey after 30 years of age. The process increases 10-20% every decade thereafter. Although ageing and genetics play their part in deciding when a person should start to go grey, what exactly makes your body stops producing melanin?

A 2009 study revealed that hair becomes grey due to the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair particles. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that bleaches your hair from the inside out.


An enzyme by the name of catalase helps break down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. But the production of this enzyme begins to slow down with age. Hence, hydrogen peroxide starts to accumulate in the hair particles and make them grey over time. The same process is responsible for the grey of your beard.









Is Shampoo Effective In Reducing Grey Hair?


Even though there are many methods of reducing the amount of grey hair on your head, many people tend to rely on various shampoos for this purpose. But is shampoo effective in reducing grey hair?

Most shampoos on the market have harsh chemicals. Your hair becomes excessively dry with the regular use of shampoo. There are some shampoos that can cover the grey hair temporarily because of the dyes included in these products. But all shampoos deplete the production of melanin over time and greys your hair accordingly.


Excess dryness of the scalp reduces the production of essential hair oils from the oil glands. This is also responsible for early greying of hair for some people. Avoiding shampoos with strong chemicals is important to prevent premature greying of your hair.

How To Reduce Grey Hair With FGH  from Reparex?


Your hair turns grey with ageing due to the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. It restores the hair from inside out by causing oxidation and reducing the production of melanin. The accumulated oxygen from oxidised melanin should be taken away from the hair follicles to reverse the process of greying.


That is where FGH (For Grey Hair) comes in handy. FGH removes the accumulated oxygen from the hair using an enzyme called G-reductase – which binds to silver nitrate. This will result in the restoration of melanin’s natural colour over time. The product doesn’t have harmful chemicals like shampoo dyes.


FGH is easy to use. You need to apply it locally to the grey hair only. A bottle will last for up to 2 months. You can save money with this product. The best thing is no one will notice you are using the product. That’s why you need to buy FGH from Reparex Australia to restore your natural hair colour.

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