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Beat The Baby Blues In 4 Simple Steps

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

If you have welcomed your little bundle of joy into your life recently, the chances are that you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Yes, you might be overjoyed, thrilled and totally besotted, but you might also be feeling scared, nervous and sad. This is normal and natural. And there is nothing wrong with you at all. The hormones that are released when you give birth can make you feel totally abnormal. However, they will level off and return to your normal balance. For some women, this takes longer than the norm. For others, it’s not always just the hormones causing such mixed feelings.

Being a new mum can be awe inspiring but can leave you worrying about your ability to nurture another tiny human being that you are now responsible for. Of course, you knew what motherhood entailed, but now that it’s a reality, real life can feel overwhelming. If you feel like you are losing the battle with the baby blues, there are things you can do to try and banish them. Read on to find out how.

Take Time Out For Yourself

Easier said than done, it’s vital that you are able to make time for yourself every day, even if this is for half an hour. Being a new mum is all encompassing and you can feel like you are losing your identity. No longer are you an individual, you are now a mum. While this a role that you’ll gladly accept, you need to consider how you will look after yourself. If you are not healthy and in a positive frame of mind, it can be difficult to look after another human being.

Ask your mum, your partner or a friend to pop over and watch your little one while you take a walk to the park, read a book or have a long hot soak in the bath. Having time for yourself means that you can focus on something other than diapers, wipes and breastfeeding. This can result in you returning to parenting duties more refreshed and with your batteries recharged.

Get Active

Being a new mum can result in you feeling holed up in the house for weeks on end. It’s important that you don’t get cabin fever and that you can get out of the house once in a while. Trying to establish a routine is vital in giving you a sense of self. Perhaps you fancy heading to the gym again like you did prior to having your little one. Don’t feel any rush to lose your baby weight; simply consider the gym as a social activity, getting back to exercise classes to see friends and ease yourself back into your fitness regime.

You could work with a personal trainer to help you focus on a fitness goal. If you want to tone up, you could do some abs work on some incline & decline weight benches. If you want to work on your endurance, time spent on the rower or on the treadmill might be more beneficial.

If you want to get active, but can’t face the gym at the moment, why not head for a jog instead? If you have a pleasant local park, a gentle run could be just what you need to get your endorphins raging again. Being active and partaking in some physical activity is a great way of rediscovering your identity again.

Treat yourself

Being a mum is tiring. You won’t be having eight hours a night sleep, you might not be able to wash your hair every day, and you are probably knee deep in baby wipes. However, you wouldn’t have it any other way. While you are totally in love with your little cherub, you need to make time for yourself. Rather than taking a ten minute break every so often, it’s crucial that you can take some longer time out for yourself every so often. If you haven’t treated yourself in six months, it’s time to consider what you love doing.

If the ideal way for you to relax is heading for a massage, get booked into a weekend at a spa. Have your partner, mum or sibling look after your baby and enjoy spending some time thinking about other things other than motherhood. You might even want to take a pal with you. Having some time away with a pal will allow you to be a friend again rather than just a mum. While you might miss your little darling and will be checking in every couple of hours, it’s still great to have the time for a swim, a spot of yoga, some reiki and some time in the sauna. Feeling rejuvenated and pampered can improve your mental health and well being. The happier you are, the better mum you will be.

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Plan Your Days

When you are a new mum, finding a routine can be nigh on impossible. It might seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to have a shower, get the baby bathed, fed, and clothed as well as cook dinner, do the laundry and keep the house in a habitable state. While your little one is still a newborn, you have to recognise that chaos is the new normal. However, as they begin to settle, sleep a little better and have regular feeding times, you can find a new routine. Use your time wisely. Consider cooking in bulk and freezing, so you can cook healthy and nutritious meals without the need for prep on a weeknight. Do the laundry as soon as your little one naps. And have a shower in the evening the moment you put your little one to bed.

While it can take some getting used to, you will discover a new normal and it will be better than before you had your baby. It doesn’t matter how many baby books you read, nothing will prepare you for a tiny human being. By following this guide, you can look after yourself, and beat the baby blues, so you can be a better, happier and healthier new mum.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

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