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Creating Content 101: How to Define Engaging Content

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What if you had all the customers you wanted but no way to retain them?

The best conversion and retention strategy for consumers is solid customer engagement. But most businesses are too busy trying to define engaging content to actually create it.

We’re here to cut through the noise and provide a solid understanding of engaging content. With this knowledge, you can create the kind of content that entire business empires are built upon.

How to Define Engaging Content

We have some examples and strategies for engaging content below. First, though, it’s important to define what this term really means.

The most basic definition of “engaging” is content that creates a response in your customers. Now, this response must be something that your business can quantify and record: otherwise, the content isn’t really moving the needle on conversion and retention.

To get that kind of response, you must intimately understand your customer demographics and build content that is relevant and useful to them. That content must also align with your own goals as a business. For example, if your goal is to expand your brand, content should be designed with that goal in mind.

The Customer Carrot

There is a paradox at the heart of truly engaging content. Here it is: the most engaging content takes a lot of time and resources for you to create. But for it to be really effective, you should offer it freely.

It may sound crazy at first because no one wants to give away the product of their labor. But engaging content is best used as a special incentive for customer engagement.

For example, someone is more likely to sign up for your mailing list if you offer a free e-book. And people are also more likely to share your social media posts if they include the occasional high-quality instructional video.

Ultimately, the benefits of increased customer engagement outweigh the benefits of simply selling your content.

Types of Engaging Content

Now you know a bit more about how to define engaging content and why you should offer it freely. The next step is finding the content that works best for you and your company.  Here are a few winning ideas for you to try.

Blogs remain a staple of engaging content. They let you provide in-depth research and coverage of very specific topics. And the chance to bring in well-known guest bloggers can also boost engagement.

Social media is designed for consumer engagement from the ground up. You can create free profiles for your company across all major social media platforms. From there, you can share custom memes, share relevant videos, and create custom polls to encourage engagement and gauge customer reactions.

Creating a podcast is also a dynamic way to engage with customers. By creating high-quality audio content, you can captivate a captive audience for the entirety of their commute. And personable podcast hosts help to humanize your business, and further consumer engagement.

What’s Next?

Now you know how to define engaging content. But do you know who can help you craft bespoke content that stands out from the crowd?

We specialize in branding, SEO, content, and so much more. To see how we can help you redefine “engaging,” come request a free quote today.

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