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The Perfect Time to Schedule Your Newborn Photography Session

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It may seem odd to schedule your newborn photography session months before you are even due, for just 10 days from your due date.  After all, newborns are notorious for not sticking to the plan, right? It’s not uncommon for deliveries to be delayed by a week or two, and sometimes Baby decides to make a surprise appearance well before expected.

Even if Baby is courteous enough to show up right on time—won’t you be exhausted from the delivery and sleepless nights? You want to look your best, and there is no way that baby bulge will have disappeared only a week or two after the Big Day.

Why on earth would you want to schedule your newborn photography session so soon after Baby’s due date?

Here’s why.

Sleepy Baby Boy

the due-date dilemma

Let’s talk due dates. According to Lauren Picker, in her Parent’s Magazine article, “The Truth About Due Dates,” only five percent of women give birth on their actual due date. Most women (about 80 percent) will deliver their baby between 37 and 42 weeks, but the other 20 percent will deliver prematurely or later than expected. So yeah, it’s a crapshoot.

We still make plans based on due dates because it’s the best estimate we have for when Baby will be here. Don’t worry—if Baby decides to show up early or late, we can always schedule the newborn photography session to accommodate the change. We’ll just push it back a bit or move it up.  I limit my schedule to booking only 3 sessions per week to ensure that I can get every baby in on time.

Baby Bear

the baby bulge

Let’s face it. Unless you’re extremely young or a fitness buff, chances are your post-baby body is never going to be as firm as it was prior to motherhood. That is nature’s way of telling the world you are FIERCE and have created LIFE. But don’t worry—your belly won’t look like a Shar Pei puppy forever. Eventually, the elasticity in your skin will return your tummy to a pre-birth normal. Then you can strut your glorious mommy stuff on the beach with pride! In the meantime, you can savor images of you and your tiny baby close up, or we can just do a little nip and tuck in Photoshop if you prefer.  It may be the norm to push back a photo session to lose an extra 10 pounds, but the newborn session is not the time to wait for that!

Adorable Little Baby Boy

we’re tired

Yes, I know. Luckily, this is something I can do something about. Get yourself to the studio, and I will take over. My make-up artist will erase those bags under your eyes and make you look and feel beautiful. You can sleep in the chair while she makes you gorgeous.

Speaking of sleep, a sleeping baby is a happy baby, so be sure to keep baby awake all morning before your newborn photography session, this way they will sleep throughout the session. Leave Baby in the car seat attachment, and I will handle everything when you arrive.  You can even nap if you like, while I primp and pose your sleeping infant. When Baby wakes up, I can handle feeding if you bring a bottle (if you’re going that route), and I even change dirty diapers!  We’re full service around here I tell ya. When it’s time for Mommy/Baby shots, I promise you’ll both be well-rested and look great.  And I can retouch any signs of exhaustion when I work on your chosen images. So don’t worry about being tired, I’ve got you covered.

why schedule the newborn photography session so early?

Your newborn is only newly-born once. If you are looking to record the first moments—those teeny fingers and tiny nails, little baby wrinkles not quite ironed out yet, the look of other-worldly wisdom and awe at being alive—you want to catch all of that on film as early as possible. You might not believe me when I tell you this, but your newborn will transform seemingly overnight into a BABY. You’ll want to get shots of your baby later, too, of course. But you can only get newborn images when your infant is new to the world.

There are practical considerations, as well.

  • It’s less common for newborns to develop cradle-cap or diaper-rash than after they’ve been around for a few weeks.
  • Newborns are less likely to be bothered by the lights, sounds, and photographer in a studio than older infants who have gotten used to the routine and safety of Mom’s embrace.
  • Within the first two weeks, Baby is still used to being in the womb and curls up naturally into the poses like the one you see in the image below.  After just a couple weeks, they tend to really like to stretch out.
  • Within those first two weeks, babies tend to sleep longer and deeper, which allows photographers to get much more done during the session.  Even at just three weeks old, we spend the majority of the session just trying to get Baby to sleep.

Schedule your newborn photography session as early as possible, and you can check one more thing off your to-do list.  Schedule the session within 10 days of your due date to capture your newborn’s earliest moments without stress. If Baby shows up a bit early or late, no worries! As a maternity and newborn photographer, I have learned to be very patient and flexible. Just like with motherhood, it’s part of the job description.


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