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How to Effectively Plan a Sugar Detox Diet

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Americans consume approximately 3 pounds of sugar a week. Sugar is one of the main contributors to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If you are looking to be healthier, lose weight, or boost your energy level, you may want to consider a sugar detox diet.

Sugar is hidden in many of our foods, so even the healthiest of eaters may want to spend a week really watching where the hidden sugars exist in our food. After the detox, you can add back in healthy sugars, if you want them.

If you are ready to try a sugar detox read on and let our guide show you the way.

A Sugar Detox Diet Guide

The first step in any journey is often the hardest, giving up sugar is no different. Start by going through all your cabinets and getting rid of all the foods that have sugar. It might seem easy to think about tossing the ice cream or coffee creamer, but you need to read the label of all your prepared food as well.

According to the University of California at San Fransico, approximately 74% of our package foods contain extra sugar. Complicating the removal of sugar from our packaged foods is the reality that there are over 61 different names for the sugars found in our food.

For a sugar detox, get rid of temptations and avoid pre-packaged foods.

Watch What You Drink

For many, sugar is found in their beverages. Common beverage culprits include your morning coffee with creamer, your afternoon soda, or even your tea may have extra sugar. Replace all of those sugary drinks with water to help cleanse your system.

Mild dehydration is also associated with an energy dip you experience in the afternoon. Next time you are dragging in the afternoon, instead of reaching for a coffee or soda, try drinking a glass of cold water or go for a short walk to perk yourself up.

Preparation is the Key

Let’s face it, when we are busy and hungry we grab for the closest thing. A vending machine or a fast-food lunch is definitely not the right choice if you are working on a sugar detox.

Instead, plan your meals for the week, over the weekend, when you have more time. By planning, you are ensuring that the healthiest option is at your fingertips when hunger strikes.

Focus on vegetables and high-quality proteins to keep you full and satisfied. If you crave a sugary dessert, try fresh fruits or berries. Fruit contains sugar but it is the healthiest version of sugar and can help you when cravings strike.

Finally, consider a meal preparation service if you are really busy. They will do all the planning for your ensuring you always have the healthiest choice available to you.

Looking to Eat or Be Healthier?

Contact us, we have the right meal plan for you. It doesn’t matter if you need a sugar detox diet, a complete diet plan, or just a little help with meal planning, we are here for you. We offer fresh, organic, and wholesome meals to go that are locally sourced and meet your unique dietary needs.

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