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3 Used Luxury Cars That Are Worth Your Money in 2021

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Did you know that the most expensive car in the world is currently the Bugatti Chiron? You can pick one up for a cool $3.9 million.

While you might not be in the market for a Bugatti, style, class, and luxury never lose their impact.

Would you like to pick up a luxury car without breaking your budget?

Why not check out our list of the most reliable used luxury cars to see what might inspire you?

1. 2019 BMW 2 Series

If you are looking for used luxury cars for sale that look great and have the power to match, then the BMW 2 series is for you. Depending on the model you choose you can have up to 405 horsepower, in a sporty chassis.

It has classic BMW sports looks. It also has a very capable suspension system meaning that even at high speed you feel safe and comfortable. Expect to pay between $30-$50,000 for this work of art.

Why not check out your local used car dealership to see what deal they will give you on a BMW 2 series.

2. 2018 Tesla Model 3

Thanks to recent developments in the electric engine and battery industries, we can add the Tesla Model 3 to our list of most reliable used luxury sports cars.

In case you have not heard, electric engines can be quick, very quick. The Tesla Model 3 can reach 60mph in 5.6 and even quicker if you choose the larger battery option.

Tesla is the new cool and brings a super minimalist design to your driveway. It has no buttons but runs all non-driving-related controls through a 15-inch touchscreen. Bluetooth and wifi connections are provided as standard.

3. 2016 BMW X1

If you are looking for reliable used luxury cars with an emphasis on reliability, then look no further than the X1. This has been one of the best-used luxury cars over the last 20 years.

You can usually pick up one of these luxury SUVs for a giveaway of $25,000. This is incredibly cheap when you consider its near-perfect safety rating and luxury comfort levels.

The ride is also near perfect and is able to handle rough roads and the school run with equal ease. It comes with a great quality infotainment system with Bluetooth and all the usual connections.

The BMW X1 is the perfect luxury car for city driving or for taking to the country for a fishing trip with your friends. What more could you want?

What are the Most Reliable Used Luxury Cars? and Much More


Luxury never goes out of style. If you like to travel in comfort and arrive in style, your car is the first thing that people will notice. However, realistically luxury cars do not come cheap.

Now that you know the most reliable used luxury cars, you can see how you can travel like a king at a budget you can afford.

If you would like to learn more, simply head over to our blog page for more information.

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