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ARTbaby Georgia Celebrates Another Successful Surrogacy

Mr. Bobby Kamani with his wife Zeenia Kamani welcomed their twin babies– Zoran and Zara via surrogacy in Tiblisi, Georgia.


Tiblisi, Georgia, 12 January 2023— ARTbaby Georgia has just helped another couple create a family! Mr. Bobby Kamani and his wife Zeenia Kamani have just welcomed their newborn twins, Zoran and Zara into the world.

Zoran and Zara were born via surrogacy at ARTbaby Georgia in Tiblisi.

Mr. Bobby Kamani is the Director at Zuri Group Global and a business leader in the hotel industry that spans from Kenya to the UK and even to India. “We are so happy to welcome our twins to the world! This is the start of an exciting new chapter for Zeenia, me, and our children,” said Boby Kamani. The couple is just one of many who chose to work with ARTbaby for their surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Georgia has become ever more popular since ARTbaby Georgia opened their doors back in 2011. They have helped thousands of people from all over the world start families. The affordable surrogacy cost in Georgia has led many to choose the country as their destination for surrogacy.

“We could not be happier with ARTbaby Georgia’s services. They were professional, informative, and effective,” said one happy couple. You can visit ARTbaby Georgia’s company website for more information on surrogacy in Georgia. You can find information regarding the surrogacy process through the ARTbaby website. The process begins with an initial inquiry.

Subsequently, logistics, consultations, and medical screening arrangements are made to smooth the process. A dedicated coordinator in the ART baby immediately contacts you after arrival in Georgia to assist you every step of the way.

Other considerable factors such as laws regarding leaving Georgia with a surrogate baby are also taken care of by professionals associated with ARTbaby. However, the ARTbaby website provides some basic information regarding surrogacy laws in Georgia.

Please note that ARTbaby Georgia is a medical provider only. Therefore, clients have the responsibility to familiarize themselves with the law beforehand.

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About ARTbaby Georgia:

The mission of ARTbaby is to assist childless couples to achieve their goals of building a family through surrogacy. We firmly believe that surrogacy is the last and only hope available to the childless after several failed IVF cycles or indicated the last resort by the treating IVF specialist.

With our several years of expertise, we can assure that childless couples have a great experience throughout the surrogacy and IVF cycle. We also assure honesty, confidentiality, and transparency throughout the process. ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre focuses on reducing anxiety which is usually considered an indispensable part of IVF treatment. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality treatment through our experienced and qualified IVF specialists and paramedical staff.

Contact Information:

Ravi Sharma
ARTbaby Georgia
11th floor, Flat 19, Block III b, Entrance 3, Axis Palace, st. N 12 Sulkhan Tsintsadze, Tbilisi 0160

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