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Top Strategies To Engage Trade Show Attendees

Learning the top tactics to engage trade show attendees, is very important. The art of attracting visitors can be made simple.

A trade show is much like a physical demonstration of digital marketing. When customers are online, they’re surrounded by information and you’re rallying for their attention. Trade shows have the same dynamic.

So how do you become one of the companies that stand out? How do you make your investment in the show a profitable one?

It all comes down to finding successful ways to engage show attendees. Start by trying these ideas.

1. Break the Mold with Your Booth Design

Your booth design is the ultimate path to a great first impression. If you go with the standard design of a table, a backdrop and a few pop-up banners, you’ll blend in with the other exhibitors.

Instead, choose a design that catches attendees’ eyes. You could make the booth look like something else entirely, like a little house, an office building, or a hard drive.

While your booth design needs to be on-brand, it also needs to stand out and peek attendees to find out more.

2. Have the Right Representatives

One of the most challenging parts of having a successful trade show is finding the right employees to run your booth.

Your representatives need to be outgoing and personable enough to strike up conversations with people. They need to know how to convert someone to the next step. At the same time, they shouldn’t be pushy or overwhelming because this can chase away attendees.

Of course, your representatives need to be knowledgeable about your products and services too. Take a hard look at your team and see who best fits the bill.

3. Bring In a Pro

A fantastic trade show presentation can make all the difference in your show’s success. You don’t have to do it on your own.

Instead, hire a professional who can design and carry out the presentation at your booth. These types of infotainers can pull in attendees, grab their attention, and get them into conversations with your team that takes them to the next stage of the sales funnel.

4. Get Your Game On

Chances are that you’ve attended a trade show or two, and you know how exhausting they can be. Attendees could use a mental break, so why not be the one to give it to them?

Set up a game in your booth that brings in attendees. You can take a well-known game like bean bag toss or darts and tweak it so it relates to your business.

By the time attendees get done with a game, they’ll be familiar with your company and ready to chat.

Learning How to Engage Trade Show Attendees

The most important thing to know about making the most of trade shows is that it’s a constant learning process. Always assess how your trade shows perform and find ways to tweak your plan to make the next one even better.

These tips and strategies can give you a starting point.

If you’re ready to engage the attendees better at your next trade show, now is the time to start planning. Contact our trade show infotainer to find out more.

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