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How Often Should You Get RV Detailing?

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No need for a car! Manufacturers produced more than 600,000 recreational vehicles in 2021. Owning an RV is becoming cheaper and more enjoyable as time goes on.

But you can’t just buy an RV and forget about RV care. RV detailing can help you keep your vehicle spotless, as long as you know when to get it.

How should you clean your RV? When should you take your RV to the professionals? How can weather and road conditions impact your vehicle?

Answer these questions and you can have America’s most beautiful RV this RV season. Here is your quick guide.

Know How to Clean Your RV

If you clean your RV often, you may not need seasonal detailing. However, getting a clean RV can be harder than it looks. The roof of your vehicle is exposed to UV rays, which can damage it over time.

Learn about RV detailing basics so you know what to do. Use a rubber roof cleaner so you can clean the roof and remove all pieces of debris. Buy products specifically for your surfaces, including cleaners for aluminum and fiberglass.

If you find cleaning your RV difficult, you will need to schedule a detailing appointment. Get advice from detailing professionals so you know how to clean your vehicle properly.

Consider the Age of Your RV

The older your RV is, the more often you may need to detail it. You should detail your RV if the paint is falling off or if parts of your RV are dented or broken.

While you are getting your RV detailed, you should ask for a safety inspection. You may need to find an RV care professional who can make fixes to your vehicle.

RVs last between 10 and 30 years, with most lasting roughly 20 years. If you have an old vehicle and you need to detail it frequently, you should consider getting a new one so you save time.

Examine Your Mileage

The more you drive your RV, the more detailing you need. Even clean roads can produce dust and grime that make your vehicle dirty.

If you drive your RV on backroads or in muddy and swampy areas, you should get detailing right after your trip. Mud in your tires or suspension can interfere with how your vehicle runs, leading to problems.

Protect Your RV From the Weather

You should put your RV inside a garage so it is not exposed to bad weather. Rain can help clean your RV, but it can also create mud and damage your paint. Snow and hail can chip away at your vehicle and leave dents.

Clean your vehicle off and then bring it in if you notice grime or debris on it. Make sure to look underneath your vehicle for signs of problems.

Schedule RV Detailing

You should perform RV detailing a few times a year. If you can clean your RV by yourself, you may be able to avoid unnecessary appointments. But an older vehicle will need extensive cleaning and detailing.

You also need to clean your vehicle after long and dirty journeys. If your vehicle gets exposed to intense weather conditions, you may want to order additional detailing. Considering all factors, you may need to schedule detailing every four to six months.

Don’t hesitate to get your RV detailed. Detail Time serves RV owners in Nashville. Get a quote today.

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