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How Answering Services Work (And Why You Need One)

After the invention of the telephone, the world of communication was changed forever. Businesses were, of course, no exception, and the landscape of business communication began to shift drastically.

As the telephone became more and more popular as a business tool, call centers were developed around the 1960s in order to help with the increasing amount of phone traffic businesses were receiving.

Today, the landline telephone is still the main source of communication for most businesses, and a call center is still a crucial tool for managing incoming calls for businesses of all sizes.

Since the popularity of the phone as a business communication tool isn’t waning, a call answering service might be the perfect fit for you if you’re a small business owner. But what exactly can an answering service do for a small business?

Here’s a quick rundown of how an answering service works and how it could help you optimize your customer service and efficiency.

Forwarding and Holding Calls

Often times, a customer needs to contact someone right away. In the medical field, this can be especially true. But anyone familiar with the world of health care knows medical professionals are often stretched far beyond their means and can’t personally take every call they get.

Conversely, some calls definitely don’t need to be taken immediately. A call service can take a message so that it gets through but doesn’t take up your personal time unnecessarily.

Luckily, answering services exist to meet the demands of the client and the professional alike. A good answering service can determine what calls are important enough to be forwarded immediately, and which calls can probably wait until the next business day.

But this issue is far from limited to just the medical field.

Plumbers, air conditioning/heating specialists, and many more professions often deal with customers who call at unexpected times needing service. Sometimes, that service really does need to happen right away. An answering service can handle those calls effectively and efficiently, and make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Humanizing the Experience

People hate talking to computers. Having a live call service allows customers to feel good about their experience while still providing all the other benefits of a third party answering service.

Even though having a good website and other digital aspects are important to success, nothing beats a good old-fashioned conversation with another living human. By providing your answering service with a detailed script and information about your business, the customer won’t even feel like they’re speaking with a third party.

Feeling dismissed or undervalued is one of the quickest ways to lose a customer’s business. A great call center makes sure that never happens.

Data Storage

Call centers have come a long way since the days of taking messages on typewriters. Modern answering services use computers just like everyone else, which makes taking messages and storing data a breeze.

Any employee working for the call center can easily access the information your customers need in order to make their experience pleasant and easy. You can also provide a template for them so they know what information they need from your customers.

This also makes record keeping incredibly simple. If any information is missing, it’s easy to go back and simply listen to the recording of the call and get what you need.

All in all, the data storage afforded by a modern answering service is invaluable.

Call Screening

Most business owners know the pain of receiving neverending spam calls. Answering services save you and your employees the hassle and wasted time of dealing with them. After all, no one wants to endlessly answer and hang up on machines trying to sell you custom branded pens.

Apart from simple spam, irate customers can be a huge drain on the time and morale of your employees. Even when they have a right to be mad, it’s not always effective or efficient to manage those calls yourself. Answering services provide an excellent middleman to deal with those unavoidable but unfortunate instances.

Often, a perceived problem is something that can be easily remedied with a simple exchange of information. Call services can save you the time it takes to have those unneeded conversations so that you can focus on the day to day challenges of running your business.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of conversations you and your employees can and should avoid having, and an answering service is a perfect way to get around them so you can get back making money.

Why You Need a Call Answering Service

So many business owners find themselves overwhelmed with the endless tasks of running a successful company. Using an answering service is an excellent way to streamline that process.

This list just barely scratches the surface of what an answering service does, how it works, and how it can help your business, but this should give you a basic understanding. If you’re still interested, feel free to do some independent research and discover more about the topic.

But even if you don’t feel like you need one now, just give it some time. Though it might be daunting, with any luck, your business will grow to a point where expansion will be necessary. Don’t hesitate to use every tool at your disposal to make that happen.

Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or in five years, a call answering service is your key to continued success in customer service.

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