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From the Land of the Free to the Home of the ‘Just Two Beers’? Liquor Laboratory Raises a Glass to Liberty

Responding to the US Government’s Consideration of Limiting Alcohol Guidelines


United States, September 11, 2023— In recent news, the United States Government has created a consideration of limiting alcohol guidelines, eliciting mixed opinions from residents all over the Country. To this, Liquor Laboratory’s team of alcohol connoisseurs have a few things to say- this recommendation comes as a shocker for a country that prides itself for liberation where making one’s own choice is as American as it can be.

When George Koob, the Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism suggested in an interview with the Daily Mail that the U.S. may adopt the Canadian guidelines on alcohol consumption, which would recommend Americans limiting their intake to measly two beers a week, the whole nation and quite frankly, the entire Liquor Laboratory team was taken aback. “It’s like telling Americans that everyone is free to roam the land, but only if they ride a tricycle,” quips Lydia Martin, Liquor Laboratory’s editor.

“The Land of the Free, but don’t have that third beer,” their team added.

The Liquor Laboratory strongly believes in the responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages by adults, which includes the freedom of making their own choices without a bureaucratic chaperone counting how many drinks.

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