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5 Rules Of Writing Amazing Online Content For Your Vape Blog

The vaping industry is booming, and if you have a vape blog, you need to stand out from the pack.

Over nine million Americans in the United Stated vape, so there’s a market for content geared towards these users. Many Americans use vaping as a way to quit smoking, substituting cigarettes for the less toxic vapor.

Ahead, we’ll cover some strategies you can employ to spice-up your vape blog and gain more traffic.

Focus on Headlines

An article is only as strong as its headline.

The headline is the first thing readers will see and will inform their decision on whether or not they’ll actually read your content. If you have a boring, confusing, or wordy headline, chances are not many people will click on your blog.

Try to evoke curiosity in the reader by presenting something surprising or shocking. Peak their interest with your headline, and compel them to read your blog to find out more.

Develop Your Voice

Style and voice are what keeps people coming back. They might be able to get the same information from another source, but they visit your blog to hear you tell it.

Discovering your voice takes time, and determining your style can be hard. Once you’ve crafted a few blogs, though, you should have a sense of what makes your content unique.

Stick to What Your Readers Like

If you’re writing a vape blog, then you should stick to what you’re readers are looking for: blogs about vaping and vape products.

An entertainment post is fine now and then, but make sure it’s somehow related to vaping. Stay away from politics, as an opinion on these topics is sure to lose about half of your audience.

List Content

People love lists.

List content is one of the most popular forms of written content on the internet. Any blog should use lists as a way to boost readers. They’re easy to digest, and usually a pretty quick read.

You don’t have to write list articles exclusively, but you’d be foolish not to incorporate a few into your blog. They’ll draw new readers in and help with your promotion efforts.


Eventually, you’ll have to monetize your blog. It’s hard to make advertising money when you’re starting out, but once you get a few consistent readers, it’ll get easier. Reach out to companies like Flavour Vapour for affiliate links, and start getting some cash for your efforts.

You don’t need this step to create great content. You can always keep chugging along for free. The hard part is, after a while, it may be difficult to keep your motivation if you’re not receiving any money for your efforts. It’s important to set goals so you can reward yourself with tangible progress.

Make Your Vape Blog a Success

Use these five tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating valuable content your readers will love. From there, you can start making money from your blog and creating more content for vape enthusiasts around the world.

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