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5 Boat Parts You Should Know to Do Your Own Maintenance

Did you know that annual boat maintenance costs about 10% of the cost of the boat itself?

While some maintenance is better left to the experts, basic upkeep and the replacement of key vessel parts can be done by you. Much of the time, all you need are a few simple tools and guides on which vessel parts you can replace on your own.

With that, we present a short list of vessel parts that you can take care of yourself with a little research and knowledge.

Keep reading now to learn more about some boat parts you can maintain on your own.

1. Oil and Fuel Filters

Oil and fuel filters are essential to keeping your boat running at its best. A fuel filter is responsible for trapping contaminants that can damage a boat’s engine. Replace it every year or two depending on boat usage to ensure it continues to keep your motor running consistently.

An oil filter traps particulates in the oil that circulates through an engine. Replace it whenever an oil change is done. Both of these filters should be easy to access and come with detailed instructions so you can perform the replacement yourself. 

2. Propeller 

Knowing the parts of a propeller and how they work is key to performing maintenance on the unit. The main parts of a propeller include the hub, blades, and cotter pin.

Conduct regular checks on these parts to ensure the blades are secured and not bent or damaged. Repair or replace the propeller if you find any damage. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when storing or removing the prop to avoid damage to any of the components.

3. Battery Connectors

Battery connectors are an essential part of maintaining a boat, as they connect the battery to the wiring on the boat. It is important to use the proper size and type of battery connector. The incorrect size will not fit the battery and the wrong type could lead to an inadequate electrical connection.

Choose connectors made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as copper, brass, or plastic. They should securely fit both the battery and the wiring. Seal the connection with shrink wrap or electrical tape to prevent potential water and air leakage. 

4. Exhaust System 

This is the area of the boat that provides oxygen and removes harmful fumes. Some of the main components you should familiarize yourself with include the muffler, exhaust elbow, and risers. 

It is important to check these parts regularly for corrosion or blockages as this build-up can lead to engine failure. Regular maintenance of these components can ensure your boat runs smoothly and safely.

5. Marine Shaft Logs

The purpose of a marine shaft log is to expel water while transferring the power of the propeller to the boat. It also provides stability, support, the alignment of the propeller shaft, and protection from corrosion.

To keep it in good working condition, boaters need to regularly inspect it and the surrounding components. Check if there are any signs of corrosion and repair or replace the parts as necessary. Look for a reliable store for marine shaft logs in your area to make sure you get the best kind of log.

Essential Boat Parts 

With these boat parts in mind, you can confidently tackle many projects you encounter on the water. Regularly check and maintain crucial parts of your boat to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

When you need assistance, trust a trained professional for any complicated repairs. Your boat will thank you for it.

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