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Doggy Doppelgängers: The Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

Did you know that Boston Terriers were initially called Round Heads? It wasn’t until 1891 when they were renamed to the familiar moniker we know today. Both Boston terriers and French bulldogs have similar round-shaped heads and other characteristics in common. 

Both breeds are undeniably cute. If you’re trying to decide between the Boston terrier vs. French bulldog, it can help to consider how the dogs are similar and different. 

This guide will help you understand the differences between these similar-looking breeds. 


It’s common for people to think that Boston Terriers are dogs that look like French bulldogs. They both have short snouts, upright ears, short coats, bug eyes, and docked tails. Plus, there’s the adorable infectious smile. 

They have a few differences, though. The French bulldog has shorter legs and more muscular bodies.

This is supported by a larger bone structure. The ears also have a rounder shape. 


Both breeds have short coats and are low maintenance when it comes to regular grooming. They also tend to be low odor and are mild shedders. This will make keeping your home clean an easy task. 

Health and Wellness 

When deciding between the Boston terrier or French bulldog, you’ll want to consider their health and wellness. This can help you budget for future vet costs. 

Because both breeds have similar facial structures, they both suffer from Brachycephalic airways. This makes it a struggle for them to effectively regulate their temperature. You’ll need to keep an eye out for them overheating. 

Both breeds are also prone to mast cell tumors, cherry eye, and infections between their skin folds. 

Boston terriers have more problems with their eyes than French bulldogs. They also suffer from patellar luxation. 

French bulldogs suffer from joint and bone problems. This can be made worse by a malformed spine and other back defects. 


One noticeable difference between a French bulldog and Boston terrier is their personalities. Boston terriers make great first-time owner dogs. They learn quickly, listen, and are obedient. French bulldogs tend to be a bit more stubborn and can develop bad habits. 

Both dogs will thrive in an apartment setting. They adapt well to small living spaces. Both dogs can be quite energetic and will play a game of fetch. 

Just watch out for signs of overheating. Their smushed faces and short snouts mean they can get too hot quickly. Many of these dogs are happy to chill with you indoors. 

You could outfit them in French bulldog clothes and watch a movie or head to brunch on a restaurant patio.  

Boston Terrier vs. French Bulldog: You Decide 

As you can see, the two breeds are a great choice with their cute faces, low maintenance, and friendly demeanor. But when deciding between the Boston terrier vs. French bulldog, you need to consider possible training issues and medical problems. 

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