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How to Find The Best Performing Realtors® in Any City

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There are a thousand factors to consider when buying or selling a house. What’s your budget? Is the market right? Should you repaint the kitchen to make it look bigger?

One question you should never have to worry about is whether or not you have a capable real estate agent. Knowing that you have an experienced agent will give you the peace of mind and guidance you need to deal with all of the other difficult questions.

Luckily, finding the best performing Realtors® in your area is easier than ever with EffectiveAgents’ unique, data-driven, agent matching algorithm.

In just a few minutes, you can skip having to review biased pages of web search results and unknown 3rd party referrals and, instead, find a Realtor® who is a good fit for you based on verifiable transaction data.

Here’s how our unique process helps you find the best performing Realtor® in any city.

Skip the “Traditional” Referral Process

Many Realtors® are happy to provide referrals for other agents. You may think this is ideal if you are looking to buy a house in a new city or move to a different area but make sure that you’re working with a top performing agent and not just someone willing to pay a fee.

A Realtor® who cannot take you on as a client may recommend someone else at their brokerage or an affiliate, they will get paid part of the revenue generated by your transaction.

These referrals don’t necessarily help you find the best performing Realtors® in a given area and, often times, they aren’t based on any real evaluation of the agents skill set, production or expertise. A real estate agent might not know the best Realtor® in Denver, but they might know someone in Denver that is willing to pay them a referral fee.  Now, referral fees are extremely common in real estate, and without them our platform wouldn’t be able to operate.  If you are considering utilizing an agent based on a recommendation from a local agent that you trust – do your own due diligence on that agent and make sure they’re a good fit.

We’ve made hundreds of thousands of referrals, so we know a thing or two about agent selection.  Over the last 10 years, has built an objective, data-driven system that helps you find the right Realtor® based on your specific needs and the agent’s actual market performance.

Avoid Generic Google Searches

When you run a Google search for Realtors near me, you will see the “top-rated” Realtors® near you.

But, these Realtors® aren’t necessarily the best ones for your needs. Instead, these are the real estate agents that are located in the closest proximity to your physical location that have invested in client reviews.  These agents have likely also spent considerable effort and money with search engine optimization companies to give their local listings a boost.  There’s nothing wrong with this – just know that it’s a one-dimensional snapshot of the agents around your actual location.

Instead of seeing a list of Realtors® and hoping to find one that can help you, EffectiveAgents helps home buyers and sellers turn the tables – it empowers users to view real estate agents that are competent and skilled in closing transactions like yours.

When working with EffectiveAgents you’ll start by filling out a form with basic information. It only takes a minute and provides you a space to convey your needs. The information that you give will help us sort through hundreds of Realtors® in your area and narrow down the list based on their actual qualifications  and past sales performance – not necessarily their marketing budget.

Use a Data-Driven Algorithm to Find the Best Fit for the Job

Once the form is submitted, your work is over and our work has begun. We have collected data and other insights for years to help customers sort through various criteria and find the best Realtors® for the job.

We will run your responses through our database and identify a few select Realtors® who are right for you. We stand by our algorithm and our data because we have seen the results from home buyers and sellers in the area.

Since 2017, sellers who used Effective Agents have beat the national average selling price by $16,349. Buyers have saved an average of $12,409 on a home by working with agents through our system.

Not only is working with Effective Agents easier, it keeps more money in your pocket. Plus, you’ll find that the benefits of using a Realtor® are even greater when you are matched with one who is a perfect fit for your needs.

Filter Through a Few Top Agents for the Job

Our system will identify a few top agents for the job and send you the list to look through. We will list exactly why these agents are ideal to work with specifically for your needs, the platform will list their qualifications, experience, sales performance data and even allow you to request a meeting.

From there, you can contact our recommended agents and conduct brief interviews to help you find the one that you want to work with.

Effective Agents is meant to help you find the best agents possible and give you the tools to make an informed decision. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the number of agents out there, we use data to find the best performing Realtors® so you can base your choice on their personal experience and connection.

If you’re not happy with the agents available to you, you can always adjust your criteria or turn to us for more help or even just work with someone else…there is no obligation to work with an agent we suggest.

Work With the Best Performing Realtors® in Your Area

When you work with a Realtor® who specializes in your home buying or selling needs, you will know the difference. They will be able to use an informed pricing strategy to list your home at an ideal price, help you find hidden gems to consider buying, and negotiate to get the best deal. You will feel like you have an ally fighting on your side.

Don’t turn to Google to find the best Realtor® or ask a friend to recommend their cousin for the job. Turn to EffectiveAgents to use actual home sales data to find an ideal Realtor® for your needs.

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