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7 Tips for Choosing the Best DJI Drone in 2021

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Looking for a bird’s eye view of the sky? While humans may not have mastered the ability to fly like an eagle, we do have access to the next best thing—the DJI drone!

DJI is the world’s leading drone company, making both consumer and professional drones. They’re easy to use, safe, and they come with cameras, capable of taking amazing photos and videos.

If you’re keen to get into the world of drones or are looking to upgrade your drone, there’s a lot to consider. With so many drones on the market, it can be confusing to work out which is best.

Ready to fly? First, keep reading to find seven tips for choosing the best DJI drone for your needs and budget.

1: Do Your Research

DJI has produced dozens of drones over the years, so you have a huge range to select from. Before jumping in and buying a drone, we recommend doing plenty of research on how drones work, what features each model has, and price ranges.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a handful of drones that interest you, do a deep dive into each one. Read reviews on both tech websites and consumer forums, finding out more about what people like and dislike about each model.

Or, if you live near a local camera shop, they’re likely to know a thing or two about drones, so it’s worth stopping in for a chat.

By doing plenty of research before buying, you can work out which model will best suit your needs—and which ones to avoid.

2: Weight Matters

One of our top drone buying tips is to consider the weight of the product before buying. Why? This is important for a few reasons, but mainly due to FAA regulations.

The FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, considers drones to be unmanned aircraft systems, subject to government regulation. This means that all drones over 55 pounds (250 grams) need to be registered.

Of course, DJI is aware of this law, so they (and other drone brands) make a few drones that fall just under this limit.

If you prefer not to bother with registration, be sure to purchase a DJI drone that’s under 250 grams.

3: Invest in Insurance

No matter which DJI model you go for, here’s another important tip—always purchase insurance. Drones can crash easily, even if you’re an experienced pilot.

And if you’re new to flying? Yep, you’ll probably have a few crashes in the future.

To protect your drone in case of crashes, accidents, or malfunctions, it’s helpful to purchase yearly drone insurance. A drone is a big investment, so paying a few extra dollars per year gives you peace of mind that your drone is protected.

DJI Care is DJI’s own insurance, which is probably your best bet—you can add it on at the time of purchase, or you can buy it later.

4: Start With an Inexpensive Model

Are you brand-new to drones? If so, it can be a great idea to start with an inexpensive model first.

This way, you can learn the ropes on a smaller, simpler drone—and if it happens to crash, you haven’t lost much money. Also, some people try out drones and then decide they don’t really enjoy it, so it’s smarter to go with a cheaper model if you’re unsure if it’s something you’ll do regularly.

5: Compare Prices Online

Because DJI drones are of high quality, they tend to come with high prices as well. Although they’re well worth the cost, you might be wondering if you can save money when purchasing.

If so, we recommend shopping online, as you can often get much better deals online than from purchasing in a retail store. Compare prices on several sites, finding out which has any sales, special offers, or incentives.

You can click here to find a great website for buying DJI drones online.

6: Think About What You’ll Use Your Drone For

If you’re unsure which DJI is right for you, first think about what you’ll use it for. Generally, you’ll want to use your drone for taking photos, videos, or both.

Check the specs and features, especially when it comes to the cameras. Many DJIs have 4k videos, which is fantastic for videographers.

Videographers will also want to think about battery life, as you want a long battery life so you can capture your videos without interruption.

For taking photos, consider features like camera resolution and zoom, which will impact the quality of your photos.

7: Consider Upgrading to the ‘Fly More Combo’

Most DJIs don’t come with extra accessories like spare batteries and controls. However, you can add on the Fly More Combo, which will give you all of the extras you need for making the most of your drone.

If your budget allows, it’s worth upgrading to the combo, as you’ll get more out of your drone with the additional accessories.

When shopping for DJIs, you’ll often see two prices, one for just the drone and one for the combo package.

Find the Best DJI Drone With These Tips

The best DJI drone for you is one that fits within your budget, is easy to use, and meets all of your needs in terms of features.

Using the tips above, start researching DJI drones, learning more about each model. Once you find the right one, you can learn how to use it—we recommend starting out in a wide, open space, like a field.

Once you’ve mastered how to fly it, land it safely, and take photos, you’re sure to love seeing the world from the eyes of your drone!

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