The Big Four-Oh. For better or worse, it eventually happens to everyone. You turn another older, filled with wisdom from four decades of life on planet earth.

While many people dread turning forty, this is actually a great age to be alive. After all, you’re no longer a kid, yet you still have a ton of life ahead of you.

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This article takes a look at how fun turning forty can actually be when you embrace it rather than living in denial. These 40th birthday party ideas are perfect for celebrating this huge milestone. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of the occasion.

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1. Hire a Private Chef and a Sommelier

One way to start your fifth decade of life off in top fashion is to make sure the food and wine are off the hook. That means hiring a private chef to produce the best eats in town, along with a sommelier to pair the wine with the meal and keep the drinks flowing all night long.

2. Throw a Rooftop Party

Many of the best hotels in cities around the world have rooftop spaces complete with swimming pools and amazing views that are perfect for a party. This is the perfect to blow it out with friends as you watch the ball drop on your forties and kick it in style.

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3. Road Trip

Another great idea for embracing forty is to grab your peeps and take off on a road trip. It really doesn’t matter which direction you go as long as you’ve got plenty of tunes and nowhere else to be for a few days.

4. Go Dancing

A night out with friends dancing at the coolest club in the city? Yes, Please.

5. Go Camping

Or you can get out of the city and take the party off-road. Pitch a tent and soak up some fresh air and sunshine. Build a campfire, go hiking, and chill in the great outdoors. After all, nobody throws a party better than Mother Nature.

6. Fly Somewhere Exotic

If you want to really break out the big guns for your Bday, jump on a plane and have an adventure. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and spend a few days exploring. It will be the memory of a lifetime and you’ll quickly discover that you don’t miss your thirties after all.

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7. Rent Out a Movie Theater With Friends

Another option is to keep things close to home and rent out a theater for the evening. Chill with your friends in private showing of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, nosh on some awesome food, and enjoy spending your birthday with the people who mean the most to you.

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Great 40th Birthday Party Ideas

When it comes to great 40th birthday party ideas, it would be hard to go wrong with any of the ideas on this list. The key is to surround yourself with your besties, celebrity the past, and promise yourself that the best times of your life are still ahead of you.

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