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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety have always been closely connected with addiction. In many cases, they are the triggering things that led a person to start drinking or taking drugs. In time, they may even be associated with getting clean. This is because the chemical changes created by drugs and alcohol are the same chemicals in your brain that control depression and anxiety and may require a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program to get clean. Let’s take a look at how these two things are connected so intimately with both addiction and recovery.

Depression and Anxiety Leading To Addiction

It has been discovered that a higher percentage of those with addictions experience depression than those in the general population. Anxiety, especially social anxiety, is another disorder that is experienced at a high rate by those with addictions. While there have to be more studies to figure out exactly how these things correlate there is a theory. It is believed that many people use alcohol or drugs to help overcome the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The use of drugs or alcohol helps release serotonin into the brain that lifts the spirits but also dulls inhibitions, allowing a person to be more open. What starts out as self-medication to feel the way it seems the rest of the world feels can quickly turn to addiction. Once the effects of the substance wear off, the old symptoms return. This gives one the impression that they can’t cope with life without the substance. In time, this becomes very close to reality as the brain stops producing any serotonin and other feel-good chemicals on its own. More drugs and alcohol are needed to reach that confident, happy place. Dependency becomes your reality and from there addiction. If you or a loved one face addiction right step offers various programs that can help you reach lasting recovery including…

Depression and Anxiety in Recovery

After having alcohol or drugs be part of your life for so long, many people get scared. They may feel that a large part of themselves is now gone and they become depressed. Old symptoms of a pre-existing depressive disorder may once again pop up stronger than ever. Anxiety is another thing that shows up. Are you strong enough to make it through the recovery journey? Will you have friends and be able to interact positively with others? Depression and anxiety become overwhelming and many people give in to the urge to return to using in order to alleviate these feelings. That is why it is important to treat both these things along with the addiction. The Right Step Offers individualized treatment programs that encompass addiction treatment and therapies to treat the root cause of addiction many of there therapies include…

Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

When you have an underlying psychological disorder such as depression or anxiety you are considered to have a dual diagnosis. It is important that any treatment you get during rehab also addresses these disorders. By not addressing them, part of the problem that is likely to be related to your embarking on the road to substance abuse still remains. By acknowledging and treating these, you are able to gain healthier coping skills and possibly medication to ease the symptoms. This combination gives you a much greater chance of continuing on the recovery road successfully.

The Right Step

Our program’s name isn’t just a name. When you choose to take that first step towards leaving alcohol and drugs behind, you are taking The Right Step toward your future. If you are dealing with an addiction, reach out to one of our staff members 844-768-0396 and find out how we can help. Don’t allow depression and anxiety stop you from realizing the bright future you deserve.

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