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Why Internal Glazed Doors are the Latest Secret Interior Design Trend

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Bringing light and style into your space, fully glazed, or part glass doors are fast becoming an interior designer’s secret weapon.

Adaptable, versatile and stylish, internal glazed doors offer many benefits to your lifestyle, including making your interior spaces more airy and light. 

Open plan living has become a massive trend over the last decade but now broken plan living is emerging. Similar to open plan, broken plan incorporates half walls and glazed internal doors to create separate areas of the home which can be cleverly opened to form larger spaces.

With working from home being more popular than ever, now is a great time to make some simple changes using internal glazed doors to entirely redesign the layout and feel of your living, and occasionally, working space.

What Benefits Do Internal Glazed Doors Bring to My Home?

Introducing glass doors into your home provides new, exciting possibilities for your interior design.

It’s easy to give your home a new lease of life by allowing natural sunlight to flood the inner spaces of your home and brightening up even the darkest of hallways.

As an added bonus, doors with glass allow your home to quickly become warmer as light shines through the glass panels – this is highly effective, especially during the winter months, saving you money on your heating bills with free warmth from natural sunlight. Super handy, especially with energy price rises seen the world over!

How Can I Use Internal Glass Doors in My Home Interior Design?

Any home can benefit from introducing interior glazed or part-glazed doors. You could open up a divided space between the lounge and dining room or rearrange an open-plan space flexibly. 

How about using a glazed or half glazed door in your kitchen to flood it with light or even to allow you to keep a close eye on the kids while keeping the noise out? Why not consider introducing a frosted glass door in your bathroom design to give you the benefit of light whilst retaining a sense of privacy? A stylish internal glass door could even make a difficult kitchen/utility room divide work for everyday living – giving you the ability to shut off a practical storage space from a busy kitchen while still allowing daylight in. 

While there are already numerous interior glazed doors styles available for you to choose from, you can also create your own unique, custom design for the ultimate ‘wow’ factor at Online Door Store.

What Styles and Colours of Interior Doors Might Work in With My Current Home?

The world is your door-shaped oyster! There are so many options out there to choose from to finish off your project, or update your home interior design. Online Door Store offers everything from oak, walnut or pine glazed internal doors to frosted and half glazed or unglazed internal doors. 

Interior design trends come and go, but when it comes to choosing the right kind of glazed internal door to finish off your space, it’s vital to carefully consider how you want to use your space, and what end-look you’re hoping for. After all, your doors will last you for decades.

Choosing a modern wood finish for your interior doors that matches your windows will give you a smart, ‘put-together’ look for your home – even more so if you already have distinctive timber window frames or sash windows. Don’t forget however, that more and more people are searching to create their own look for their home – a considered ‘mismatched’ approach lends a whimsical look to a house, especially if you already have characterful quirks in your architecture. More and more interior designers and architects are embracing this trend while understanding that choosing just the ideal kind of door for the right area in your home is so important for getting the ‘mismatched’ look just right – without looking too ‘try hard’.

Alternatively you might want to create a ‘zoning’ effect with a specific types of door finishes for each part of your home – part glazed doors work beautifully well when dividing light and dark spaces where you still want to shut an area off, whereas a set of fully glazed doors would open out a garden room or conservatory area. 

Can I Use  in a Period Home?

Glazed doors can create a highly impressive ‘architect designer look’ in your home, even if you’re conscious of keeping alterations sympathetic to a period house. Within a period home, the introduction of contemporary glazed interior doors brings a high quality stylish finish – an effective contrast to period features. 

Alternatively, choosing traditional glazed interior doors, in a choice of colours and solid wood to match the rest of the decor, can complete the original look of your home while still allowing warmth and light through your home.

Online Door Store offers an extensive selection of quality contemporary and traditional glazed interior doors for you to finish off your home renovation project in style, designed to suit your interior and requirement.

Where Can I Browse Internal Glass Doors for my Home?

At Online Door Store you will find glazed interior doors to suit any home – whether you’re looking for contemporary style doors, period doors or even glazed fire doors. Browse a fantastic range of interior glazed doors, half glazed doors and many other styles and order your doors online today – with super fast delivery that will suit your project timescales. 

You can be guaranteed exceptional service and the peace of mind that their internal doors are exceptional quality. We know you’ll be able to find just the thing to finish off your project in style


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