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My Maria Victoria’s New Spring Summer 2023 Collection: Welcome to the Jungle


United States, March 30, 2023— Welcome to the jungle! Welcome to the jungle! I hear the phrase and the 90s club hit immediately floods my mind, an urge to start dancing in the parking lot before I come into the office after the daunting traffic the snow did not make it easier. I close my car door, a little overwhelmed by the little odyssey it is getting to work every morning. Against the snow, my Maria Victoria handbag is a splash of color and contrast.

Whether lush green or concrete, the modern woman faces a jungle environment every single day, and My Maria Victoria handbags have come up with a vibrant collection to match. With an edgy response to all of 2023’s handbag trends, Welcome to the Jungle Spring-Summer 2023’s collection boasts ten novel, bright prints to go with all your outfits this season. The prints are inspired by the colors and shapes of ten tropical birds, representing wild patterns everywhere from South America to Africa.

2023 handbag trends on the runway have been a proposal of bold colors and materials, characterized by a strong 1920s revival, an edgy take on what is work-appropriate, and a take on luxurious comfort. Of the trends we are seeing on the runways, the Welcome to the Jungle seems to be right on point with the times and intention of comfortable chic, easy, luxury wear.

PVC is now being seen on runway handbags from Milan to NYC. Latino owned Maria Victoria’s handbags are a pioneer in this department with their gorgeous upcycled designs. The new Magpie print in the Welcome to the Jungle collection makes an especially bold statement in its IW (Ivory/White) print, providing a saturated, bold look that, with two hues so close to one another, imitates the same effect different color highlights will create on the hands of a master colorist: depth and warmth one color alone will not accomplish, in a way PVC is defining on its own.

One of the biggest trends on the runways this season is the crepe clutch, which is making a comeback for its convenience and ease. The Toucan print on a clutch just melts my heart. Whether the hot pink with turquoise detailing or the subtle mastery of a gold or black clutch with hot pink stitching, the bright, saturated hues will inspire you.

The health crisis started work-from-home trends that were all about chill and comfort for 2021 and 2022 alright, but now that we are back to the office, we are not settling for the standards of pre-health crisis times. A strong influence of chill and relaxed atmosphere has permeated our offices, together with a strong element of fun. My Maria Victoria’s more textured, complex prints lend to that fun we may be looking for that solids may just not provide. I completely endorse a Macaw print big tote to replace your briefcase one morning: the rainbow-inspired checkered print will urge you to be productive and have a blast while doing so.

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