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DIY Insulation: Why You Should Not Install or Remove Attic Insulation Yourself

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As a leading insulation contractor, people often ask Atticare employees for DIY insulation tips.

“Can I just buy a roll of insulation, cut it and lay it?”

“Can I do blown in insulation myself?”

They’re fair questions because installing and removing insulation looks pretty straightforward to the untrained eye. So is insulation a DIY project? It shouldn’t be. And here’s why.

Legal Requirements For Your Home

Do you know the building codes for your insulation project? People considering do it yourself insulation often never think about the legality of it. But it’s vital to keep everything above board, so to speak.

What Do You Need A Permit For?

A lot of structural work.

Like major insulation jobs where walls are opened up to expose electrical wiring or pipes. When searching for who can install insulation legally and safely, it’s vital to get a team that knows what it’s doing.

Any reputable insulation contractor like Atticare will obtain the relevant permits before starting work on your home. We’ve done it hundreds of times and it’s a boring job you can leave to us.

Proving You’ve Had The Work Done By A Licensed Insulation Contractor

Insurance Claims

No-one knows if they’ll need to make a home insurance claim in the future. Suppose a tree crashes through your roof. Then you’ll be covered when you can prove you’ve only had professional work done in your attic.


If you’re thinking of selling your home, the buyers will want to have the same relevant paperwork too. A professionally installed or replaced attic is a great draw for buyers because they know it will save them on bills and deter pests.

Insulation Contractors Have Appropriate Insulation Materials And Tools

You’re probably researching this because you have a decent knowledge of DIY.

But the average homeowner doesn’t have the tools and equipment to do the best job possible on your insulation. Companies specializing in attic and crawl space services do.

You just can’t carry out do it yourself insulation effectively with everyday tools.

Can I Do Blown In Insulation Myself?

Eek. This is one question that insulation contractors get asked a lot because it looks easy and, well, fun.

But do you have a machine for DIY insulation in attics?

And do you know exactly how much to use? If you use too much, it will cause moisture buildup in the future. That’s really bad news. Whereas too little won’t insulate your home properly.

DIY Insulation Is A False Economy For Energy Efficiency

Insulation needs to be installed precisely to get maximum energy efficiency. So you make your money back when you hire a licensed insulation contractor like Atticare.

It Looks Easy Enough. What’s The Problem?

The Fit

Do it yourself insulation usually doesn’t fit quite right. Too little means it will let in moisture, drafts and pests. But when there’s too much, it can cover something that actually needs air circulation.

The R-Value

There are a lot of people who can install insulation badly. One key issue is that homeowners often also choose an inappropriate R-value for the insulation in their homes. What’s R-value? It’s a grade of insulation depending on the climate you live in and your home.

A professional team will advise you on the best insulation for your home.

It’s Easy To Put Your Foot Through The Ceiling

We’re sure we don’t need to explain this problem in great depth.But DIY insulation in attics often leads to broken ankles and holes in ceilings. Installing and removing insulation can be complicated and it’s usually hot, sweaty and dusty work.

So it’s easy for homeowners to take their eye off the ball for a second. Then they accidentally step in the wrong place.

When you get great attic and crawl space services the pros will keep your home intact.

Do It Yourself Insulation Exposes You To Airborne Toxins

When considering who can install insulation, heavy-duty filtration masks are a very big deal.

Homeowners who carry out do it yourself insulation don’t have the professional-grade breathing equipment that we do. All of the following can cause serious health problems and even death.


Yikes. Was your home built before around 1975? If so, there could be asbestos in the insulation.

They also used to use asbestos in pipe and valve insulation jackets.

There’s no real way to tell whether something has asbestos in, unless it’s labeled as such which is unlikely. Removing insulation with asbestos is a potentially deadly task in the wrong hands.

Mold And Mildew

Do you want to replace old insulation because it’s moldy?

Mold releases microscopic spores into the air when it’s disturbed. And unless you have specialist breathing equipment it can permanently damage your body.

Also, specialist attic and crawl space services carry out mold removal and cleanup much more effectively than non-professionals. This is because we have industrial grade chemicals and equipment.

Airborne Dust From Pest Infestations

Any pest infestation leaves behind feces and urine which can be incredibly dangerous if you breathe it in as dust. That’s even if the pests are dead now.

If the pests carried infections, their waste can cause various types of serious diseases in humans. These range from salmonella to the plague.

Get a Free Inspection

Looking For DIY Insulation Tips? Don’t.

In the short term you’ll risk your health and continue to waste money on high energy bills. Then in the months and years that follow you can easily get pests and mold.

Insulation contractors can always tell when an attic has been insulated by a non-professional. So when people ask us, “Is insulation a DIY project?” or “Can I do blown in insulation myself?” Our answer is always no.

Don’t Risk DIY Insulation In Attics When There’s Atticare

Atticare is a fully licensed, Diamond Certified company and our services might even cost less than you’d think. We’ll give you a free quote so there’s nothing to lose.

Whether you need insulation removal, replacement or installation, call (866) 692-5449 or contact us here. You can get great attic services if your home or business is in the New Jersey Area, Los Angeles, or the San Francisco Bay Area.

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