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Creative Writing Methods For Preschoolers

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People often assume that not a lot of writing gets done in kindergarten. They think it’s about reading out loud the alphabet, forming simple words, and counting. However, there is what we can call kindergarten writing.

So, what is it? A lot of parents might have this question on their minds. For starters, kindergarteners are starting to learn to put their thoughts into words. Experts at Studentreasures Publishing state that kids can learn about their surroundings through words. Pre-school teachers facilitate the process of kindergarten writing. They can encourage students to form simple sentences to express themselves. Kindergarten is a crucial developmental time for the kids. It’s important to have teachers who will allow students to express themselves. Here are some creative writing methods that you can use in your classroom to help in learning.

1. Mixing Different Media For Expression

The best way to teach kids how to write is to make the process as interesting as possible. You can use different mediums for expression to make the writing process more interesting. For instance, you can have the kids write and paint simple stories. They can make their own storybooks through this process. You can supervise and help them when necessary. Give them a variety of interesting surfaces to write on. This could be anything, from drawing and writing stories on sidewalks to scribbling on windows and walls. You can have a mural painting day when kids can decorate a wall and write poems and lines on it.

2. Making Writing An Immersive Process

Writing is not only about putting words on paper. The most important aspect of writing is the task of putting thoughts into words. You can do this by making the expression of thoughts into an immersive process. For example, you can organize a classroom game in which students collaborate to form a chain of stories. You can also sing songs, compose music, or write plays together to involve all kinds of talents. Research shows that children are more likely to retain information if they can actively participate in learning it. Instead of making the act of writing impersonal, make it personal for the kids. Encourage your students to write to-do lists. Once they are a little older, you can ask them to keep and write in a journal. This will help them achieve fluency while developing their creativity.

3. Teaching Them To Focus On The Story

The important thing to remember is that most kids will learn to write. It’s better to focus on their ability to create an interesting story rather than how their handwriting turns out. Having neat handwriting is important. But children will not stay interested if they are not involved in the storytelling part of writing. You should approach handwriting practice tactfully. If kids feel like they are not good at writing, they may feel discouraged from learning and improving it.

Teaching preschoolers can be a tough and challenging job. But when done right, it can feel fulfilling. Lots of resources are out there for teachers to seek help from. You should make use of them to foster the right learning environment in the kindergarten.

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