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Morpheus Data Brings Multicloud Expertise to GTM Delta & Myer Media Live Las Vegas Event Experience


Mountain View, CA, November 23, 2022— GTM Delta and Myer Media are excited to announce the addition of Morpheus Data as a community participating sponsor for the new practitioner-focused media event. The Event will run from November 26th to December 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event features hours of livestreams with industry experts and influencers bringing decades of experience as practitioners to the cloud community.

“If you are going to talk about things like supercloud, you have to start by rationalizing multicloud and hybrid cloud first,” said Eric Wright, Chief Content Officer of GTM Delta. “Morpheus Data and all of what Brad Parks and the team are doing have been proving that the cloud experience can be brought on-premises. Theyve clearly listened to the customer community because the platform and approach is spot on.”

“Beyond just having great people, Morpheus Data brings a user experience to hybrid cloud management that is so practitioner-centric you know they are listening well,” said Jon Myer, Founder of Myer Media. “No matter how cloud-first organizations seem to be the next wave there are so many hybrid environments out there that you have to equip them with a cloud-like experience. Morpheus gets that done.”

The entire event details, including live stream links and other information, is available on the GTM Delta event page and we look forward to seeing people in Las Vegas and online everywhere.

Morpheus has quickly grown to serve some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies and Service Providers in the world. We offer teams a unified and composable platform to drive innovation and change addressing people, process, tools, and technology.

GTM Delta is a leading technical product marketing startup creating highly engaging technical content using proven techniques to increase engagement, conversion, and discoverability. We create engaging content designed for technical buyers and users without the need for you to hire a full-time team.

Myer Media’s natural podcast & customer review programs are the “secret weapon” that the worlds best tech marketers rely on to generate qualified sales pipelines. Jon Myer has become a leading technology-focused podcaster and content creator helping brands get noticed and engage with their target audiences.

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