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5 Home Roof Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense. If the roof is old, outdated, or damaged, it might not be doing it’s just to keep moisture and critters out. Nor will it insulate very well, resulting in higher energy bills.

If you have a standard roof made of asphalt shingles, you can only expect about 20 years of useful life before it becomes ineffective. This may be even shorter if you live in harsh climates.

If it’s been a long time since your last upgrade, you might need some repairs. But there are common home roof repair mistakes that countless homeowners make every year.

If you want your roof to remain functional without blowing your entire roof repair budget, you need to do it right. Read on below to discover five mistakes homeowners make when fixing residential roofs themselves.

1. Not Removing Old Layers

If you’re trying to fix a small patch of the roof by installing new shingles, the temptation is to place them directly on top of the existing shingles.

While this can be done in certain circumstances, it’s never ideal. The best thing to do is remove the existing, outdated shingles before installing the new ones. Otherwise, there is too much weight on the roof.

2. Ignoring the Attic

It’s easy to inspect your roof and find signs of wear and damage. But what most homeowners forget to do is inspect what supports the roof: the attic.

If you have damaged or missing shingles, there may be a chance that moisture was able to get into the attic. Repairing roof damage is only effective if the attic is in good shape as well.

3. Using Mismatched Shingles

If you need to replace a few shingles, it’s important to buy shingles that match the existing ones. It’s not just about how the roof looks, it’s about how it performs.

If the new shingles are of different sizes, strengths, or materials, it can cause problems.

4. Forgetting Regular Roof Maintenance

Roofs need love and care on a regular basis. If there’s debris on your roof, you want to clear it off now and then.

If there’s a tree above your roof, you’ll want to spray off your roof once a year to prevent algae buildup. Keep your gutters free from leaves, sticks, and nests to ensure runoff has a place to go.

5. Trying to Do it All Yourself

Many homeowners want to save money by performing their own home repairs. But a roof isn’t an area to pinch pennies. Working on a roof can be dangerous if you aren’t familiar with proper ladder etiquette or how to walk on a roof the right way.

You likely don’t have all the roof repair equipment you need, either. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional. Your roof isn’t a DIY project. It’s an investment that affects the integrity, safety, and value of your home. You need to treat it that way.

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Avoid Home Roof Repair Mistakes

In many instances, basic roof repairs can be made by handy homeowners. But a roof isn’t something worth experimenting on. The stakes are too high.

Most homeowners should instead hire a professional roofer in order to avoid these home roof repair mistakes.

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