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Congratulations Dr Megan!

congratulations Dr Megan

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May 1st 2019- Aurora, OH — The International Examination and Certification Board (IECB) of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) has certified Dr. Megan Sumrall Lott of Sumrall as a Fellow (FCOVD) at the association’s annual meeting held April 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Dr. Lott was one of 31 Fellows that completed the process and were inducted officially as Fellows of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD).

“Children struggle silently with vision-related problems or struggle in school. Dr Lott assesses their visual skills and creates a customised step-by-step plan with eye training. This builds confidence and self esteem in the child, helping them to succeed at life!”


The Fellow certification process serves to identify individuals through Board certification who are prepared to offer state-of-the-art clinical services in:

  • behavioral and developmental vision care
  • optometric vision therapy and
  • vision rehabilitation.

To become a Fellow (FCOVD), the doctor must have:

  • graduated from an Accreditation Council for Optometric Education (ACOE)‐accredited institution;
  • been in active clinical practice for at least three years, at least two of which have included the direct diagnosis and management of vision therapy patients;
  • completed 100 hours of relevant CE or a relevant residency program;
  • successfully completed the guided study portion of the process set forth by the International Examination and Certification Board (IECB) [which includes three case reports and six open-book questions, as prescribed by the Fellowship Candidate Guide]
  • successfully completed the oral and written examinations according to the established criteria of the IECB.

Upon receiving her board certification, Dr. Lott along with Dr. W.C. Maples become the only two board certified practitioners to live and practice full time in the state of Mississippi.

Drs. Lott and Maples practice together at Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care.  They currently have two offices, located in Hattiesburg and Jackson.

Drs. Lott and Maples offer developmental and functional evaluations as well as therapy for a wide variety of visual conditions.  These conditions often begin to develop in infancy and can interfere with the child’s ability to reach their full academic ability.

Make an appointment to see Dr Lott today!

About COVD

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) is an international, non-profit optometric membership organization that provides education, evaluation, and board certification programs in behavioral and developmental vision care, optometric vision therapy, and visual rehabilitation.

The organization is comprised of doctors of optometry, vision therapists, and other vision specialists. For more information please visit

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