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5 Ways to Create More Data-Driven Content for Business

67% of consumers say branded content drives their buying decisions. That’s why around 80% of marketing firms now invest heavily in it as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

But not just any content has this kind of power. In fact, 37% say their strategies aren’t effective at generating qualified leads. And they’re not converting leads into actual revenues.

That takes a documented and data-driven content creation strategy.

Let’s explore how to create data-driven content for business in 4 basic steps.                                   

 1) Know Who You’re Writing For

It’s marketing 101. Know your customer. And yet, for many who are creating content, this integral part of developing content for business got lost in translation.

Every content piece should be written to one specific target customer. If you were trying to get more real estate clients, you wouldn’t market to your buyers and sellers in the same. You can’t properly connect with either one of them if you do.

The same is true with web content. Whether you’re marketing plastic surgery or landscaping, it’s all about the customers.

The Customer Persona

Create several detailed customer personas to add to your inbound marketing toolkit. Use real customer data to help develop these whenever possible. And revise them over time as you learn more.

When writing each content piece identify which persona this specific video, blog, infographic, etc. is for.  And use the detailed persona to connect with that person.

2) Establish Your Marketing Objectives

When creating content for business, each piece needs a clear objective. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Do you want them to make a micro-conversion to get a customer to start buying in? Are they ready to invest in your larger product or service offerings?

Set a clear KPI (key performance indicator) for the piece. Your ultimate goal is leading people through the Buyer’s journey until you create and keep a loyal customer. But you need to know how to get them there through data-driven content.

Measure its success based on its ability to meet its objective.

Whether you’re working with a Nashville content writer or one in Mumbai, make sure they’re clear on the content marketing objective. They need to be able to build a piece around it and your target customer, using SEO and content writing best practices.

3) Select Topics Your Customers Actually Care About

If your target customer doesn’t care about the topic, you have a piece of worthless content. Being data-driven is all about minimizing the worthless and maximizing the awesome content to get the right ROI.

How do you select topics that people care about?

Browse your reviews. Identify likes, dislikes, questions, and misunderstandings. Good or bad, these are the things people care about. They make great topics.

Talk to your sales and customer care teams. They’ll have a lot to say. And you can actually make their jobs much easier by answering common questions they get.

That’s just another perk of content for business.

People today prefer to find answers online before they contact your company. Make this information available to them.

This helps all kinds of businesses get results. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an eCommerce site or a dental practice.

4) Analyze and Optimize

Analyze your data. Identify your winners and losers. When topics meet their objectives well, create more content like it.

Continue to listen to your customers. Optimize everything from your landing pages to your social media headlines to your meta descriptions. Everything must be optimized to get the right ROI on your inbound marketing efforts.

Creating Data-Driven Content for Business

To get results in content marketing you must utilize data to develop content that works. It should connect with a specific customer. It needs a clear and measurable objective. Only publish topics people care about.

Optimize everything.

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