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This inspiring collection of royalty-free country music songs is perfect for radio & TV commercials, film, web, video, multimedia, corporate presentations, or any project that requires a slice of modern country music.


Country Stock Music: Almost Family

Brought to you in part with this rural Americana vibe, something here does feel quite honest in its roots, partaking in a kind of patriotic mellowness that’s weighty. Instrumentally, it doesn’t try too hard to be tame for the matter. Bass, drum, and guitar dynamics are steeped fair in cleanliness. Rhythmically it is not what you’d consider sleepy but uplifting/heartfelt. Bringing about an elevated mood here, it’s not necessarily what you’d call timid but fresh. Guitar leads come across impassioned, feel rich, organic and rock-driven. A freewheeling guitary landscape gives you a sense of liveliness, and almost paints a picture like a beautiful meadowy morning, shaping what you’d imagine a hug from a best friend would feel like.

As an instrumental piece, guitar styles infuse slight Buckethead influences, twangy notes have an immediate connection to this Southern characteristic without coming off cheaply packaged or overproduced in any way. Tracks as “Almost Family” don’t feel too rushed in their partly acoustic nature but calmative as they maneuver along, “moment” infused, campfire friendly so to put it. It is feel-good contemporary music like a bright day, a good time at that.


Country Background Music: Pickup Truck

Fantastic track, acoustic greatness, chipper bassline, a typical driving down the road type song one could argue is timeless, and not too cheesy. Surely, this takes the cake with modern contemporary Country music and it sounds just as it’s titled. While you could easily call it Southwestern, Midstate blues-infused, acoustic folky, it’s worth noting these elements contributed greatly to many of the genres of music we have today.

“Pickup Truck” is everything you would want from the title alone and goes over quite well in terms of substance and execution. Rolling down some interstate on an eighteen-wheeler could qualify nicely for it as well. The guitar work is quite scenic, lush and chipper, it doesn’t compare but certainly, neighbors a kind of style paved on early by the works of Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker at quite a profound level. Go down to the bar, have a few drinks, or simply invite some friends over, play this, guaranteed good time.


Country Royalty Free Music: Barn

There definitely seems to be a lot more color here, especially in terms of guitar playing. Something you’d hear sitting at the steak house perhaps, very community spirit, hard-working, but kind of laid back at the same time-type of sound. Slick plucking and picking of guitar chords fuse well with pretty steady rural acoustics, accompanied by drums and a bass line like a pickup on the move down a dirt road that gives the song an overall sense of American dream, or working-class glory.

Breaking out into this full sound is a track that incorporates shiny harmonics, a bit of twang component with a clean electric riff. There is almost this likely impression of hound dogs behind a gate down a long gravel road, wagging excitedly at the view of their master’s tractor rolling homeward. Also, a distinct end bit gives “Barn” substance where it doesn’t necessarily feel like a generic loop. Big production sound, familiar instruments give way for great punctuation and superb delivery.


Country Stock Music: Whiskey Lullaby

Already proven to be acoustic-driven is “Whiskey Lullaby”. Blissful strumming pouring down like bourbon that won the wild west, twangy melodies respecting their history, fine and dandy electric guitar notes spilling in like a kind of wordless poetry over bass and rhythm. The bass, savory and obedient, infusing short and long notes considering a sugary landscape.

With a lonely-hearted and calmative tone, the drums are actually not upbeat but pretty apparent in delivery, routine but not stiff on the fills. The key shift on the strums is superb sounding and nicely crafted, shining with personality, good memory and though this concoction of sound feels a bit mild, there’s a certain identity to how it flows and dances with melody. An average listener would likely consider something like this to feel cozy. It also sounds like the music you’ve been raised on, stuff your father or grandfather enjoyed as they were growing up. A fun one nonetheless.


Country Background Music: Return to the Fold

Probably the niftiest, oh so appealing, catchiest instrumental Country tunes of the Toxic Audio Labs batch. This little piece of music immediately feels like visiting a place you just don’t want to leave, a cottage by the lake, a forest trail undiscovered, perhaps the price of fuel has gone up in some small town but you just don’t care, you just bought a new vehicle and set up a canoe rack to the roof, or something of that nature. Stylistically, exceptionally engaging, great hook and movement.

A calm introduction spills into the mix, the next part brings in great color and dynamic carrying the track right through. Being quite a hook, the second part poses to be the track’s strongest quality and is something to fall in love with. While guitar leads burst over summery acoustic strums, one could easily characterize “Return to the Fold” as traveling on the road jam, but ultimately compositions like this one, they take on a pretty distinct character quality of their own, even though, music like this has been around for a long time. Amazing really.


Country Royalty Free Music: Back Roads

With a road trip kind of sound is “Back Roads”. It is excellently structured, fast jamming and straight to the mark, contemporary Southern style, stolen pickup fleeing, horse racing, wife chasing, sheepdog trial sounding, struggling to control a foal tune. Though it partakes in a modernized production, what we have here is a pretty familiar sound. You may have heard similar things in films to TV and video games, and if you haven’t, all the more power to your imagination and taste. The ride cymbal component adds much animation to the rhythm, without sounding too littered or chimed in the drum section.

The track has an incredible sense of speed and landscape that is irresistible to enjoyment. The tempo and mood one could argue it is likely to capture the imagery of a hunting dog giving chase to a field rabbit. Very uplifting, rural infused, Johnny Cash livin’, sense of humor to it, an exemplary sound, whimsical, exhilarating Country Rock signature tempered with noodly guitar layers which make it an all the more worthwhile and compelling listen.


Country Stock Music: Island Living

What pertains well to traditional Southern style is a track here that will escape you no more. “Island Living” has substance, experience, manliness, upbeat acoustics with burning electric guitar licks. It’s very Southern, bluesy, aged with hard rock café vibe to it. It’s something you would get up and dance to and equate to a fun jam, for it blisters with tasty guitar bits, gritty rocking lead, and a tight close-off. It is pretty consistent in its pace, movement, and repetition, being this out on the bayou, heartland rock, pub-going, beer-drinking class of a song. It’s something that feels proud, loud and rootsy, a fun time however cliché it may sound.

It’s a stylish little number that doesn’t abandon you with a heavy hangover but takes you home. The ending bit ties the song well and breaks up the monotony from it becoming a loop. Not to oversell it, but you do get something stellar, rock-solid and ass-kicking for such a short amount of time.


Country Background Music: Hello Again

Incorporating more slide guitar elements into a solid guitar jam is “Hello Again”. A rockin’ mellow mood, a beat that isn’t necessarily fast or slow, an evening-feeling vibe, sounds that are all quite scenic, subtle but mark their territory, quite Southern rock-infused and very acoustic-driven. It has a likable quality right off the bat, and well placed in the map of the song are some cohesive guitar leads that bring nothing but joy to the listening experience.

With a kind of “Nobody’s fault but mine” edge to it, everything comes in pretty organic, guitary, beautiful and lively while the main riff stands on its own to be quite an earworm at that. It exhibits a studio musician’s knack for attention to detail. Powerful mids and clean highs. The drum fills, bass and guitars all mend together lumbering out loud but all so smooth and clear. It also has a swagger to it with the electric riff and is quite honestly a lot nicer on the ears than the majority of today’s “country” music songs.


Country Stock Music: Everlasting Nights

Oh gosh, you will want to have this one on repeat for sure. Very good, early rural Country atmosphere, intricate, flavorful, sharply acoustic-driven with a sexy infusion of the electric guitar. Some really great sound dynamics at play, super tight in tone and range, very traditional Southern rootsy-feel, a bit of that hard rock front but it truly does not disappoint the common listener.

Not to be too comparative here to past alt-rock acts, what you hear starts with this familiar Goo Goo Dolls sound, embarking on apparent studio-quality and very upbeat rhythm, different time changes, really beautiful guitar accents, fast and slow parts that are ultra awesome as well. It has kind of Days of the New-esque acoustic noodling that feels very rural, amazing mellow section, an intriguing and unique guitar solo to follow as well. “Everlasting Nights” is a lot of fun listening to and has one of the niftiest little endings by far. Definitely a five-star little ditty of an instrumental.


Country Stock Music: In the Dark

“In the Dark” pelts off quite bright, beautiful and strong like a patriotic Country song, intricate guitar works, something that feels very on the go, and could nearly act a cousin for an upbeat fiddle tune. The guitar structure could soundtrack a long train speeding through a tunnel, passing sunbathed greenery and scenic farms. And though lyrics would fold into the mix suitably well, an example of what one takes back is a sense of optimism in a hard time, growing up poor on the other side of the tracks, bringing a message of hope in the fields that people’s fathers and grandfathers used to till.

It’s a very upbeat, summer-happy sound with a sort of “will I ever get out of here?” artistic undercurrent. It almost poses a metaphor for hopefulness and resilience, it’s appropriately reflective, shiny, flashing back to bootleggers, coal miners, house cleaners, the soul of the struggling out on the road, like the sound of some guy from out in the middle of nowhere hitching a ride into town to find an industrial job. An incredible standout from shadow to cheer, and elegant it is in production with a not to mention stunning variation and luscious ending. Perhaps that is a bit of a stretch though and it’s just marshmallow roasting kind of tune.

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