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Did you know that divorce can strain your mental and physical health? We have some tips to help during this stressful time in your life.

Are you looking for tips on getting a divorce? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over the steps for divorce.

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1. What Are Your State’s Divorce Laws?

Before you meet with your ex, you’ll want to find out any pre-set guidelines from your state. These guidelines will provide information about alimony, child support, visitation, and dividing property.

This will help you gain an understanding of the standard recommendations for divorce.

Are you both getting hung on something during the negotiation? Find out what the standard is on the specific matter. If the judge isn’t going to give you a better deal, don’t waste time arguing.

2. Hire an Attorney

Make sure you hire a reputable divorce lawyer right away. If you have children, consider hiring a lawyer who has a ton of experience in family law. Decide on what process you will use for the divorce.

There are three main ones: collaborative, mediation, or traditional litigation. Each one has its drawbacks and benefits.

Make sure you work with a specialized lawyer who can help you decide the right route. This will help you save money in the long run.

3. Organize Your Financial Documents

Most issues related to divorce involve the finances of your family. Gather all your financial information beforehand.

Get your bank statements, tax returns, retirement account statements, and credit card statements. Also, print off your mortgage statement.

This way, your attorney will have the information they need to tell you how to proceed.

Your divorce lawyer will have to know the income of both you and your spouse. They will also need to know about any liabilities and assets you have both acquired.

4. Put Aside Money

Divorce is an expensive procedure, and even more so if it gets contested. You’ll need to cover extra expenses for a new apartment or home and pay your lawyer.

Start a new bank account separate from your ex. Save money during this time to help with the attorney’s fees and moving costs. This extra money will come in handy if you need to leave your home during the divorce.

Make sure you disclose this information during the process so it doesn’t look like you’re hiding money.

5. This Is a Business Procedure

When you were first married, you had to sign a binding contract. With this procedure, you’re terminating the contract. This is a difficult time because you need to navigate the business side of divorce.

Learn about the rights you have in your state. Understand what the court could do. Focus on working through the settlement negotiations in a dignified manner.

6. What Are Your Priorities?

Before you need to begin negotiations, think about what’s important to you. Do you have a list of top priorities? If you do this beforehand, you will stick up for the things that matter to you.

Take the time to do this so you won’t regret not speaking up. Otherwise, you won’t feel content with the final divorce settlement.

7. Don’t Forget Self Care

During this process, you will be going through a lot of emotions. Make it a priority to get the help you need to heal.

Seek out professional help if you need to work through some issues. This way, you can handle your divorce in a calm and healthy manner.

If you don’t talk to someone, you could risk losing your cool at some of the meetings.

Make sure you surround yourself with loved ones and friends who care about you. Know that during this time, they might provide advice that can cause stress or confusion.

Let them know that you are working with a therapist or another close loved one. This way, you won’t get confused while making important and difficult decisions.

8. Create a Post-Divorce Plan

When you’re getting ready for your divorce, you also want to think about what will happen afterward. Will you keep the primary house or sell it?

If you’re going to do the latter, start researching where you will live. Look into the housing costs of that area and if your children would need to swap schools.

Consider the best plan for your family. Do you want to have the children two full weeks a month? What schedule would work best for everyone?

You might need to add in child care to your budget. Look at how it would impact everyone’s day-to-day life.

The decisions you make will lay out the foundation of your future. Make sure you’re open to different possibilities.

If you’re struggling, consider setting aside finances for therapy. This way, you can continue to address any psychological or emotional challenges you’re facing.

9. What Is the Divorce Timeline?

A typical divorce that ends up settling at mediation could take up to six months. If the case goes to trial, it could take over a year. Prepare yourself for the pace of this procedure. Learn more about how to prepare for divorce.

Now You Know the Steps for Divorce

We hope you found this guide on divorce helpful. With these steps for divorce, you can start planning for this process.

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