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Common Issues Associated With Galvanized Plumbing

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Many homes in Northern Utah still have galvanized plumbing, and the Beehive Plumbing team is here to help you with the following common issues

Many years ago, residential plumbing systems were developed with all sorts of different regulations as compared to the regulations in today’s construction industry. One particular difference between newer and older homes is that some older homes were built with galvanized plumbing systems.

Although galvanized plumbing had its benefits in terms of long-term durability, it’s now commonly known throughout the plumbing industry that galvanized steel pipes pose certain health risks and other issues that are best to be avoided.

But still today there are plenty of homes throughout Northern Utah that have a galvanized plumbing system, and below we’ll be detailing some of the common issues that are associated with these systems!

What Exactly Is Galvanized Plumbing?

Galvanized plumbing systems entail pipes that are comprised of steel and a zinc coating, and these pipes were designed this way to withstand corrosion for decades at a time. Galvanized steel was the solution way back when people were just beginning to connect the dots between lead pipes and lead poisoning, which is why many homes today still have galvanized plumbing systems!

Common Problems Connected With Galvanized Plumbing

Although better plumbing options have become available in recent years, plenty of homes still utilize galvanized plumbing for their everyday needs. Below are some of the common plumbing repairs you should keep in mind if your home has pipes made of galvanized steel:


Although galvanized steel is made to withstand corrosion, it will eventually corrode over long periods of time. The tricky part about this type of pipe corrosion is that you will rarely ever see any signs of rusting from the outside of the pipes, and this largely due to the fact that galvanized steel pipes tend to corrode from the inside.

All sorts of plumbing issues can arise from corroded pipes, like pipe collapses and structural damages.

Lead Contaminants

It’s important for homeowners to remember that the zinc coatings associated with galvanized steel pipes does actually have traces of lead content. Many homes with galvanized plumbing will show higher than normal levels of lead, which of course is never a good thing!

Discolored Water

It’s all-too-common for homes with galvanized steel pipes to experience brown stains in their sinks and bathtubs due to high levels of iron in the property’s water supply.

This is a common warning sign that the pipes are corroding.

Low Water Pressure

It’s also very likely for galvanized plumbing systems to experience calcium deposits that end up accumulating throughout the interior of the pipes. Calcium buildup and corrosion are two of the biggest factors that come into play when it comes to reducing the overall amount of space in which water can flow freely.

So when calcium deposits get out of hand, it often leads to significant reductions in household water pressure!

Unequal Water Supply Distribution

When galvanized steel pipes become corroded, it often leads to all sorts of issues regarding water supply distribution. This can often manifest itself in one faucet seeing a water pressure reduction as other fixtures are turned on, among many other plumbing problems.

When you’re experiencing this type of issue, it’s important to get professional help as soon as possible in order to diagnose what exactly is causing the distribution inequality.

Insurance Issues

Most insurance companies are going to want to know the details of your home’s plumbing system, and some insurers may require you to replace galvanized plumbing in order to keep your policy.

Contact Our Residential Plumbing Experts When You Need Your Galvanized Steel Pipes Replaced!

Beehive Plumbing has supported many homes and businesses throughout Northern Utah when it comes to repairing and replacing galvanized steel pipes. We understand how many older properties have simply put these types of plumbing upgrades off for budgetary reasons, and our team will always be there for you when you need affordable financing options.

Contact us online or call us at 801-661-8155 to speak with our experts today about your homes galvanized plumbing system!

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