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The Best Commercial Stationary Awnings for Your Business

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At Brenner Signs and Awnings, we offer the highest quality commercial stationary awnings, customized and designed to meet your specific business needs. We’ll help you plan, design, and install a stationary top that fulfills your business objectives and exceeds your expectations, from signage and advertising to enhancing shade coverage, preventing solar glare, and more!

We understand town zoning specifics and work with you to comply with city or town requirements. Moreover, our expert team of fabricators and installers is regarded as the best in the business.

Want a stationary awning that catches attention? We offer a wide range of styles, colors, fabrics, and designs. Many businesses select Sunbrella fabrics for longevity. Weather-resistant, heavy-duty reinforced vinyl covers, Sunbrella fabrics help increase the effectiveness and durability of your stationary awning, regardless of the season. Sunbrella is the industry leader in outdoor materials, so you can feel confident that your stationery shelter will withstand the test of time.

For years, businesses throughout Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the South Shore have relied on Brenner Signs and Awnings to deliver the highest quality commercial stationary awnings. A sample of industries we work with includes:


  • Dining establishments and eateries
  • Office buildings and warehouses
  • Small retail boutiques and large retail stores
  • Motels and hotels
  • Bars, lounges, venues, and event halls
  • City buildings
  • Athletic complexes
  • Child-care facilities
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Libraries
  • And more!

For a free quote, contact us today at (508) 747-3465 or via email at [email protected].


A few benefits of commercial stationary awnings include:

  • Boost brand awareness: Commercial awnings are an economical way to advertise and market your business. Increase your exposure, generate brand awareness and enhance the visibility of your company with a stationary awning.
  • Standout in a crowded space: Commercial awnings are great when you want your business to be seen from a distance. With a wide range of rich colors and durable fabric, you can add instant vitality and curb appeal, even if you’re located in a dull commercial plaza.
  • Enhance foot traffic: Awnings can be customized to your specific dimensions and provide a high degree of visibility for your brand name and logo.
  • More than a pretty face: Awnings are an increasingly popular choice for a business that wants to enhance aesthetic appeal, accommodate customers regardless of the season, and protect the building from the elements of nature. Awnings also allow you to increase usable space. For example, during the height of the Covid pandemic, restaurant owners could capitalize on outdoor space, serve more customers, and stay afloat during challenging times with the help of stationary and retractable awnings.

 At Brenner Signs & Awnings, business is personal. As a family-owned business spanning three decades, we know how important it is to work with professionals dedicated to your continued success. We provide exceptional customer service, superior product quality, and a seamless installation process to demonstrate our commitment to you.

Your commercial stationary awning will surpass your expectations and deliver results that boost your bottom line. Clients count on Brenner Signs and Awnings for:

  • Awning variety: We design awnings to fit a variety of business purposes, including entrance and walkway awnings, shade coverings, canopies, window awnings, side curtains, drop panels, shades, free-standing awnings, and more.
  • Top-of-the-line construction and manufacturing: We use the highest quality materials and aluminum framing to ensure durability, effectiveness, and rust-free maintenance.
  • Selection: Choose from various colors, materials, and fabrics to customize your commercial stationary awning to your needs.
  • Customization: We’ll work with you to ensure your awning is the precise fit for your space and delivers on all fronts. Work with our design team to ensure you’re delighted with your awning before installation.
  • Impact and effectiveness: Nail your first impression with a stationary awning that sets you apart from your competition and attracts more customers to your location.

 Fantastic customer service! I had an open house for my fitness studio on Saturday, and the signs were scheduled for installation on Friday. Unfortunately, the crew ran into some issues at another job and could not make it in time. The owner reached out to me directly and came in early on a rainy Saturday morning to install my signs. I could not be happier with the customer service. Thank you!” – Caitlin Cole.

What to look for in a stationary commercial awning company

Commercial awnings are a versatile solution for many businesses. Often, the challenge isn’t figuring out if you need a fixed awning; it’s selecting the best awning company for your needs. An awning is a financial investment in your business.


To maximize your return on your investment, choose a commercial awning manufacturer based on the following criteria:

  • Professional experience: make sure your awning manufacturer is established in the awning business and has a track record of success with companies in your local area. When it comes to awning construction and installation, you need a professional to ensure your project enhances your curb appeal and lasts for years to come.
  • Quality craftsmanship and superior manufacturing: To withstand the test of time and the cruelty of mother nature, work with an awning manufacturer that uses the highest quality materials. If possible, ask for samples of fabric before deciding on the one that’s best for you.
  • An industry-leading warranty: Choose a stationary awning company that caters to business clients, not one that’s focused on residential awnings. When you work with Brenner Signs and Awnings, you can rest assured that all we focus on is commercial awnings. As a result, we offer one of the best warranties in the business for your confidence and peace of mind.

 Contact Brenner Signs & Awnings, LLC, for your stationary awning needs at

(508) 747-3465 or via email at [email protected].

Why Brenner Signs and Awnings?

We understand how strong ROI is when considering upgrades and enhancements to your commercial property as a family-owned business. You can trust Brenner Signs and Awnings to design, plan, deliver and install an awning that exceeds your expectations and helps your business grow and prosper.

We’ve been producing the highest quality awnings for businesses in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and beyond for the last fifty years. Clients rely on us for modern design and graphics, exceptional craftsmanship, adherence to rigid manufacturing standards, and professional installation.

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