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ClickBank Vs CJ Affiliate: Which One Is Best for You in 2020?

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ClickBank Vs CJ Affiliate: Which One Is the Best?


Affiliate marketing is the heart and soul of passive income.

Nearly all successful online entrepreneurs makes a greater part of their income from affiliate marketing.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you’ve three possible options. First, you can earn income by promoting the products of a big, reputable company like Amazon. These companies are legitimate, and when used correctly, they are awesome.

The second option is to sign up with a higher quality but non-corporate-backed affiliate network. In this category, you’ll find ClickBank and CJ Affiliate.


Clickbank Menu


The third option involves smaller and shadier affiliate networks that most seasoned marketers would want to avoid. The reason savvy marketers avoid them is because they either pay less or require one to use black hat strategies in order to succeed.

In this post, we’ll focus on the second category of affiliate networks. Particularly, we’ll compare ClickBank and CJ Affiliate.


ClickBank is one of the popular digital marketplaces created by entrepreneurs. Other than that, ClickBank is an affiliate network that allows producers and sellers to build networks that let them monetize their commercial and personal pages.

Affiliate marketers can visit ClickBank to find vendors with attractive products and promote them. Affiliates will then earn a commission for or each sale made through them.

ClickBank is not only a platform for affiliates to earn, it also allows vendors to broaden their reach by getting into untapped markets. That way, vendors can learn more about people who purchase their products (including their location) and come up with strategies to make more sales.

At a Glance:

Broad Marketplace


CBU Categories


As an affiliate marketer, you have a broad array of products and categories to choose from, so you can promote it. This allows you to find a suitable service or product that matches your website content to share with your audience.


Improved Search

Given the vast number of products and vendors, it can be tedious to go through each one of them at a time. That explains why the platform has search filters to help users specific what they’re searching for. The search filters ensure that visitors can spend most of their time selling and earning instead of searching.

Besides, the search tool helps vendors too. They can use it to find a suitable affiliate for their offerings and create a partnership.


Resources and Tools

ClickBank equips vendors with tools that let them alert affiliates about the existing products. The tools include reviews, images, keywords, and testimonials. Affiliates can also find useful FAQ pages and product guides so they can promote products accordingly.



Additionally, ClickBank has massive resources that all users will find useful. These include materials that people can use to learn more regarding the marketplace and look for answers to various questions they may have.



What’s more, there’s ClickBank University where you’ll find tons of top-notch training from experts like Gary Vaynerchuck , Matt O’Connor, Abel James and more.


Marketplace Statistics

As an affiliate looking for detailed information about a vendor, you’ll find it all at ClickBank Marketplace. The feature lets you learn about the category, commissions, and sales of a vendor. And, if you’ve already promoted a vendor’s service or product, you’ll see it displayed on your dashboard.

Vendors, on the other hand, can use the third-party reporting tool to find out how their offerings are performing. This allows them to understand the behaviour of their customers so they can know the least and most popular products.

Huge Commissions

ClickBank gives commissions of up to 75 percent on its products, courses and services that you sell. For example, 75 percent of a course that costs $80 isn’t too bad. But, note that “up to” means 75 percent is the cap.


On-time Payments

Most affiliate marketers experience payment problems. Some affiliate networks can’t pay affiliates on time, or at all, ClickBank has been making on-time payments for almost 20 years now.


ClickBank Features: Overview

  • Marketplace Search
  • Affiliate Finder
  • APIs
  • Marketplace Categories
  • Sales Tools
  • Reports
  • Market Statistics
  • Earnings Calculator
  • Account Management
  • Product Management


ClickBank is a big affiliate network with numerous products you can select for your affiliate marketing campaign. Where most people usually go wrong is trying to go too broad. Just like Amazon, you’ll have to choose a niche and focus on that. If you don’t niche down, you may lack the SEO focus to attract the right traffic, which may end up affecting your site traffic’s quality.

Besides, most people typically focus on ClickBank products with a big commission without considering the competition. As a huge and popular network, ClickBank has many users.



The high number of users means that the best niches have a lot of competition. To make it on this affiliate network, you should go for a niche with low competition.


ClickBank Benefits:

  • As a big, old network, it’s known for making payments on time and won’t disappear out of the blue.
  • Not to mention, ClickBank is available in at least 190 countries, which makes it perfect for international marketers.
  • Its entry requirements are low, and so being approved to sell is easy. That makes it a great starting point for newbie affiliates.
  • Millions of products – The network has over 6 million distinct affiliate products
  • Flexible payment schedule – The network allows you to select how often you’d like to receive payments. Want monthly payments? You got it. Prefer weekly payouts? Done.
  • Several payment options – Direct deposit, check, and wire transfer are all available. As an international user, you can get paid via Payoneer. PayPal may not work here.


Clickbank search traffic

Why is ClickBank Different?

By concentrating on digital products made by entrepreneurs from across the world, ClickBank provides highest-paying opportunities to affiliate marketers.

But be careful…

Although the ClickBank network has good reputation, some of the products that merchants offer can be questionable.

Thus, you have to do the homework, or else, you may end up promoting substandard products that will make your audience unhappy.

Important: this advice applies to all affiliate networks.


Who Can Join ClickBank?

If you’d like to promote digital products and would want millions of product options with high commissions, you should consider ClickBank.



CJ Affiliate (Former Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate is one of the top-performing affiliate market networks and specializes in programs that businesses can use to achieve mores results. Businesses can use CJ Affiliate to access many offers and brands without going out of the network.

Using their affiliate program, businesses can connect with customers who are a good match for their audience profile. As a result, businesses can create productive and meaningful relationships to help them reach out to more consumers and increase sales.

Global Platform


CJ Affiliate


As a publisher or advertiser, you can be assured that you’re working with a world-wide network. That means the ability to promote your brand to people across the globe. With minimal risks, you can tap into new markets and expect a reasonable ROI.


Enhanced Engagement

Advertisers and publishers can use CJ Affiliate to identify opportunities for enlarging their horizons on different devices. That way, they can provide better customer journeys regardless of the device their audience prefers. They can also keep their audience engaged.


Faster Revenue Generation

Every entrepreneur wants to generate revenue fast, right? CJ Affiliate has tools, such as Deep Link Automation and product widgets that users can take advantage of to increase revenue quickly.

The set of tools allows you to leverage your site and monetize it with content publishers. That enables to save time and tap into great opportunities so you scale quickly.


Placement Marketplace

The platform has a section where advertisers and publishers may post and promote their products or search for relevant content where they can monetize. This element of the network allows users to buy new spots, review placements, and monitor ad results.


Commission Junction Features: Overview

  • Toolbox
  • Widgets
  • Pay for Performance
  • Deep Link Generator
  • Site to Store
  • Deep Link Automation
  • Pay per Call
  • Lead Generation
  • Viewthrough Tracking
  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring


An advantage of CJ Affiliate over other affiliate networks is that it boasts tons of famous products that you won’t find anywhere else. When promoting products on CJ, you won’t need to take a lot of time trying to convince potential customers that your products are legit. Chances are they have already heard about the products and thus, know them.



CJ Affiliate Benefits

  • 20+ years of experience: The network has been around since 1998.
  • Tons of brands: You can find over 3,000 merchants on this network.
  • Monthly payouts: CJ typically combines your entire affiliate commissions into a single monthly payment.
  • Too big to fail: It’s part of Alliance Data Systems – a Fortune 500 company. Besides, it’s rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Two payment methods: CJ Affiliate pays through checks or direct deposit.


Why is CJ Affiliate Different?

The network has exceptional features like real-time reporting. In other words, you can monitor your account’s activity as it occurs.


Who Can Join the CJ Affiliate?

Well, if you’ve an established audience and looking for a feature-rich affiliate network, then CJ network is the way to go.

But, it may not be a great choice for new marketers. This is because your account can be deactivated if you don’t earn any commission after six months.

Since their merchants are usually picky on the publishers they accept, CJ Affiliate is ideal for those who receive steady traffic to their sites.

This post contains affiliate links that we receive a small commission for, at no cost to you.

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