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Guide to Asbestos Inspections and ACP5 Forms for New York City


ACP5 Forms are required by the city of New York for any renovation, demolition etc. Basically, any time a material which is suspected of having asbestos is to be disturbed an asbestos investigation has to be carried out. After this inspection is carried out, the asbestos investigator files an ACP5 Form with the city of New York to certify that the material being worked on does not contain asbestos, the asbestos to be disturbed il less then 10 square feet or 25 linear feet or if the asbestos will not be disturbed. Suspect material is anything and everything besides wood and fiberglass. It can be roofing materials, floor tiles, brick mortar, drywall, joint compound and hundreds more. If you have any suspicions about the material being disturbed, you should first contact a certified New York City Investigator. If there is a risk of the asbestos being disturbed then Asbestos Abatement is required before work begins.


An Asbestos investigator is trained and certified by the Department of Environmental Protection to assess whether the suspect material contains asbestos. If you suspect that work you are doing may disturb material that could contain asbestos then you are required by law to have an inspection. This is done in a safe way with minimal risk. Only investigators who are certified are allowed to submit the ACP5 form so it is necessary to check the inspector’s credentials before they start the inspection


An asbestos inspection begins with an investigator coming to the site, doing a visual inspection and sampling any suspect materials (if there are any). If there is no asbestos found or the quantity is below 10 square feet, 25 linear feet, then they will issue an ACP5 form. If there is more than that, an abatement must be done by an Asbestos Abatement contractor.

For full details on Asbestos testing and ACP5 forms, please visit MKM Environmental, New York’s premier Asbestos Inspectors.

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