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Commercial Roofer near Me: How Long Will It Take To Replace My Roof?

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When it comes time for a roof replacement, there is a certain amount of anxiety that comes with the decision. After all, the roof serves as a vital part of a business, providing shelter and security against the elements.

The time comes when we start seeing the warning signs like cracks in the shingles or water seeping into the walls. However, the disruption to your business operations can leave a hefty financial impact.

Fear not, by finding the right commercial roofer near me, roof replacement doesn’t have to be a daunting, expensive task. We’ve got you covered with a quick and easy guide on how long it will take to replace your roof.

The Process of Replacing a Roof

You need to understand the process of replacing a commercial roof to understand how long it takes to replace it. This also allows you to prepare for the process in advance including planning around closures or delays.

Commercial Roof Inspection

When searching ‘commercial roofer near me,’ you’ll find that a roof inspection is the first step for all reputable roofing contractors. During an inspection, they can assess the damage and identify needed repairs.

This is an essential step because it can identify other problems that may not be as apparent. It also allows you and your contractor to develop a plan that affects your business as minimally as possible.

Discuss Details

After the inspection is complete, your roofing contractor will inform you of their findings and explain the repair process. This is the time to discuss details such as budget, safety, and operational limitations for the business.

The goal is to minimize the impact on your business and maximize efficiency. This can mean altering production, employee schedules, or other business functions until commercial roof repairs are completed.

Remove Old Roof and Make Repairs

On the first day of work, your commercial roofing contractor will start by removing the previous roof. Having the old material out of the way will give your contractor a better chance to fully assess the damage.

This will either confirm their initial findings or it may require a reconfigured approach for repairs and replacement. The necessary repairs are made at this time, which creates a solid foundation for the new commercial roof.

Install New Material

One of the benefits of finding a ‘commercial roofer near me’ to install a new commercial roof is being able to alter the roof layout. While drastic changes may be difficult, small changes are possible and can improve functionality.

As the new roofing material is installed, you can change the slope of the roof, choose a different flashing sealant, choose a new roof cover, and more. After completion, the area will be cleaned and made ready for business.

How Long It Takes to Replace a Roof

A commercial roofing project can take anywhere from one day to several weeks. The process of commercial roof replacement may seem straightforward, but there are a lot of fine details that have to be factored in.

Some of the top details include building size, layout, damage, material type, and weather. These details determine how complex the project is and how long it will take.

Building Size and Layout

You don’t have to be a roofing contractor to know that a large roof takes longer to replace than a small roof assuming the overall condition of the roofs is the same.

The layout of a roof also affects turnaround time. A commercial roof that’s steep or has poor accessibility is more challenging to work on. They may even require additional safety equipment be installed before work can start.


A roofing project should be fairly quick if the only thing roof contractors have to worry about is pulling off old shingles and applying new ones. Roofs with significant damage, especially structural damage, will take longer.

Significant damage requires roofing contractors to consider safety. This includes you, your staff, your consumers, and the contractor’s employees. The combination of repairs and safety concerns can prolong a project.

Design and Type of Materials

Different types of roofing materials take longer to place than others. While standard asphalt shingles may take one to a few days to install, concrete tiles can take up to 9 days. Complex designs require even more time.


Waiting for warm weather to replace a commercial roof is ideal. Cold temperatures affect installation and rain and snow can prolong a project. They also create hazardous working conditions.

How to Know When You Need a New Roof

Now that you understand the duration and process of commercial roofing, you should learn the signs of a worn-out roof. Acting quickly to replace a roof can limit the cost associated with installation.

Outdated Roof

The lifespan of your roof depends on the type of material used. While a metal roof can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years, asphalt shingles last a fraction of this. If your roof is past its lifespan, it’s time to replace it.

Roof Leaks

Water spots, drips, and energy inefficiencies are all possible signs of a roof leak. This can be limited to one spot but it can also indicate the need for a commercial roof replacement. Quick action reduces damage and costs.

Damaged Shingles or Mold Growth

Mold growth and roof damage are both signs of commercial roofing issues. These issues can indicate moisture build-up or other damage that requires a new roof to correct.

Finding a Commercial Roofer Near Me

Finding a ‘commercial roofer near me’ is essential for your business. Taking a do-it-yourself approach to roof repairs can void warranties and may affect insurance coverage.

Find the best roofing contractor by considering professional experience, customer feedback, and professionalism. The right commercial roofer will streamline the process as much as possible.

Stay Ahead of Commercial Roof Damage

Don’t wait to find the right ‘commercial roofer near me’ if you want to minimize damage and streamline the repair process. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate and inspection.

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