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Fiverr Tips: Get Your Gig Rank The First Page

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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing great!

So this is the third article that I wrote based on my own experience as a freelance designer on Fiverr. I’ve been in this platform for more than a year and right now I’m currently active as a level 2 seller at Previously I’ve written about how to join Fiverr as a seller and how to set-up your profile to make it looks trustworthy. And in this article, I want to share how I made my way up so that my gig can rank on the first page of the Fiverr search engine for the particular keyword.

Being rank on the first page is very great for a seller, it shows to the buyer that your gig is one of the best in its category. A gig rank on search engine determined by the Fiverr algorithm that only Fiverr knows exactly how it works. But although no one knows for sure, here is my experience on how my gig ends up on the first page of the Fiverr search engine for its category.

1. Gig Images previews

gig preview

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As I stated in my previous post about how to start at Fiverr, I’ve laid out how you can make your gig images preview. What I want to emphasize here is that you need to know the characteristic of your gig niche. Some niche, like real estate gig logo, is favorable to have a single yet mocked up preview images. And you will find a different style on another category, check out the dental and health gig logo, the preview has more elements to it also with a mockup presentation.

gig preview 2

Photo from guavanaboy

That’s why you want to make your previews match your niche because each category has its own buyer segment. you can though, make your different kind of preview, that is not aligned with your niche to make it stand out than the rest. But just be careful so that won’t hurt your gig images, different is good but keep it in check.

2. Gig SEO

gig SEOOkay, so I think you might be familiar with term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO principles can and are highly recommended to be applied to your gig. You should be able to provide keywords that are appropriate for your gig, you can see several other gigs in your niche and choose several that are appropriate. Or you can also modify and combine it.

Other than that, you can also put keywords in your gig description. provide a description that can attract potential buyers. and don’t forget to insert some of your gig niche keywords.

My Personal Tips:
One of the most effective ways to do gig SEO is with what I call SEO “related keywords” in your gig title and keywords. For example, if you are targeting the health logo niche, you should not only use the keyword’s “health”. But maybe add a few words related to health. so instead you give the title of your gig “I will design health logo“, it would be better if you gave the title “I will design dental, wellness, fitness, and health logo.”

3. Fast Respond

Response rateKeep your response rate to the max! Responsivity has become one requirement for Fiverr sellers if they want to get promoted. Nobodies want to wait for a long time to get feedback, especially when their money is at stake. So if you get messages from your potential buyer, get responsive and reply to it immediately.

I know that this task seems to be a bit troublesome, especially if you’re one a different time zone. But if you thinking like a buyer, it’s very important for them to communicate with the seller. they want to be convinced that you as the seller can do their job before purchasing. So what can you do if you want to make this task easier? Just make a default respond message template, so if there’s somebody that sends you a message and asks about your services you can just click the template. Here is my template response that you can copy and apply it yourself.

Hello, {username}
thank you for contacting me,
So can you tell me the details about your business and do you have any idea about your design?

Hello, {Username}
Thank You For Contacting Me,
Apparently, I’m not in front of my computer right now, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

4. Rating is everything

gig ratingI am sure that you must have shopped at an online store, even once. Buying an electronic device, clothes, or vehicles maybe? And I’m also sure that the first thing that are you looking for is for the seller that has the best ratings right? Well, it’s the same thing that happened at Fiverr. It’s normal that buyers must be looking for the best rating gig.

So keep your rating as high as possible. Fiverr require their sellers to maintain their ratings above 4,7. But it will be great if you can keep it above requirements. And if you take a close look at Fiverr search results, the First-Page is flocked by high rating gigs. So here are my tips for you to get positive reviews and high ratings from your buyers.


Like I explain in my previous post, you can make package prices for each of your gigs. Fiverr already provide you a system that allows you to add some perks for each package of your gigs. And You As The Seller can Make Three Packages at different prices.

But sometimes you can provide additional items that are not in your package, maybe you can add an extra logo design bonus on your gig logo or extra mockup. Whatever you can think of to please your client. It can make a difference when they give your review and ratings.

Everybody loves a free extra bonus right, so give it to them!

Keep Your Work Ethic

Sometimes when you start to get lots of clients, you will feel overwhelmed and will have an impact on the quality of your performance. This is natural, so you should be able to deal with it so that you continue to provide the same quality standards for each client.

This is where your time management is needed. You should be able to share when working and when having fun. And I have just the right article about that here.
You know what, having fun is important to clear your mind and maintain the quality of your work.

Just like what they say, “Work Hard and Play Harder.”

Deliver Ahead Of Time

As I’ve stated before, you can make three different packages for each of your gigs. You can also set your delivery time for each package. You can set it from 1-day delivery and up to 12 days delivery.

This delivery time is the time deadline that you set for you to submit your initial design. My suggestion is to set the delivery time a little more than the time you should need, this is advantageous for you if you suddenly have other work outside. So maybe if you need 1 day for designing a logo, then you might want to set your delivery time to 2 days. Just in case.

5. Increase Your Impressions Rate

Gig impressionsThe next thing you want is to increase your impression rates. So what is the Impression Rate? Impression Rate is an indicator of how many people saw your gig somewhere on Fiverr.

So how can you improve this rate? Of course, you need to make it more visible. That’s why although Fiverr has its own promotion system, you gotta promote it yourself too. Here is the best place for you to promote your gig.

Social Media

Familiarizing Yourself With Various social media Will Provide You With An Additional Advantage Of Generating Traffic. This Will Concurrently Help Promote Your gig. There are lots of social media that can serve these purposes. Social media like LinkedIn, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are my choice.

Portfolio Website

Having a solid portfolio is a must for graphic designers in any discipline. You can build up your own portfolio website easily these days. But If You Don’t Have The Time To Manage Build Your Own Website And Create Your Own Portfolio Page Yet, You Can Still Benefit From Another free Portfolio Website Out There. The best part is that you can link it into your Fiverr gig or profile. I have published an article about portfolio websites that you can check here.

Set Up Blog

Owning your own blog means more online presence. Writing Useful And Actionable Content Is Key To Success Trick In Writing Blogs. Focus On Writing Niche-Filling Tutorials Or List-Based Articles That related to your gig niche. And then you can put some links on your blog articles that go directly to your gig or Fiverr profile URL. Microblogging sites like Tumblr or Reddit can be helpful if you want something quick and easy set-up.

6. Get Your Order Done

order completionOrder completion is also one of the requirements that you need to get promoted, and also one of the factors that directly impact your gig rank at the search engine. So try to complete all incoming orders properly, and Be careful when you cancel your active order cause when you do it will lower your rank at the search engine results.

I understand that if you’ve been around for a while in Fiverr at some point you can be flooded with buying orders and it is getting out of your hand. Or maybe you meet one or two clients that just very fussy, keep asking for revisions even though it’s already beyond your revisions quota. Then you start to think to cancel some of your orders.

If you face the first scenario then congratulations, it means you already become a recognized seller! And maybe its time to start outsourcing to get all of your order get done. But if you facing the second scenario then you have two options, keep on continue to serve the client’s request until he/she is satisfied or cancel the orders. My suggestion will be to cancel the order! But why, Didn’t you ask to keep the order completion rate high?

That is because you will lose lots of time which you can use to serve other clients, more rational clients. And the chances that you will get a 5-star rating from a fussy client is low, and don’t forget that rating is also crucial for your gig rank. It means that not only you’ll be wasting your time, but you’ll also endanger your gig ratings.

7. Fiverr Apps

Fiverr AppsInstalling Fiverr apps on your phone is one of the most recommended moves for any seller. This is like the mini office that you can access at any time. With these apps, you can reply to your incoming message right away and keep your response rate high.

You will also receive any notification in real-time. Whether its a new order, revision order, completed order, canceled order, or even when you received tips from your satisfied customer and you can act accordingly. Letting this application keep on running on your phone will also make your account visible online 24/7 in the buyer’s eye. Which will make you look always accessible.

8. Multiple Gigs For One Niche

multiple gigsMy next tip for you is to make several gigs for one niche with a slight difference or variation title and keyword. This way you can cover more keywords on the one niche. You can make three or four gig variations for one niche. This will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Multiple gigs will give you more exposure and impressions. This means more chances for one of your gigs will get buyers. You can also play around with the prices for each of your gigs to attract buyers. You can set a lower set of price on one gig with a simpler image previews and a higher set price for gig with more finer image previews.

Forbidden Things

Besides some tips above, I give some notes for several things that must be avoided by the seller To Avoid Sanctions.
a. Don’t use curses when you communicate with your clients
b. Never give the racist impression in the gig description
c. Don’t lie to your buyer about your skill
d. Never tell your payment account (Paypal, Payoneer, etc) to your clients
e. Never give your email account to your clients
f. Don’t try to cheat Fiverr by buying your own gig with another account, cause they’ll know
g. Don’t steal other designer portfolios and put it on your gigs preview.


All tips that I’ve laid out above are not a “surely succeed formula”. That is based on my own personal experience when my gig rank on Fiverr’s first page. but I can guarantee that if you follow all of those steps above carefully, it will give you more chances to get your gig rank to improve. And how knows, it will eventually hit the first page on the Fiverr search engine.

Keep on trying and never lose your hope. Always Persistent, Patient, and consistent!

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